People that Fear Hurricanes.....

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  1. Ok so I've lived in FL my whole life, I love this state but hate its laws. Anyways Im here to rant on hurricanes, not the team the natural "disaster" so to speak (or atleast thats what theyre classified as).

    So this might sound a little far fetched but ever since Hurricane Andrew back in the early 90's Ive kinda seen a patern everytime hurricane season rolls around. Its almost like a conspiracy or a scam...Yall are prolly like WTF ? Last year the amount of hurricanes predicted to hit land was like 14, and the amount that actually hit was like 3 or 4. Thats a HUGE difference in numbers....Now what do people do everytime they hear about hurricanes/hurricane season? They all go out and buy TONS OF SHIT! Water, batteries, canned goods, plywood, all kinds of shit as if were going to be in a nuclear fallout area. Its pretty stupid, you go to the groccery store and there isnt nothing there. Hmm wondering whos profiting off this? Same at hardware stores....

    Now I understand that there are serious Category 5 hurricanes out there that can completely level a city (winds over 175mph) but it seems as if every year around hurricane season the weather channels hype up the public and tell them to go out and buy all this crap and be prepared. I bet that all those weather channels make a percentage of the profit made by companys that sell the goods they tell you to go out and buy. Thats where my conspiracy/scam comes into play...

    Hurricanes do most damage to houses that are weak and arent built to code. The usual damage Ive seen is roofs being blow off the house. I thought about how this would happen, then found out that if your house has windows that dont seal the air from outside your house this is what happens. Sorta like blowing up a ballon til it pops. I noticed that all these houses missing theyre roofs all had some kind of crappy windows OR theyre garage wasnt sealing the air out. Thus the air would leak in, air pressure inside the home would build and the roof would pop off.

    Funny part is people arent learning from this shit. I cant tell you how many homes that had theyre roofs blown off were being fixed and having new roofs put back on ...yea lets ignore the science and jus fix the fuckin dumb. The house I live in isnt some kind of bomb shelter or anything but I garrantee it will stand up in any storm. All windows are hurricane spec, my garage door is built to withstand 155+ mph winds and is sealed + reinforced. All my trusses are secured to the home via those metal bands (forgot the name) and my house is constructed of cinder blocks.

    I jus hadda get this shit off my chest, kinda been bothering me. feel free to say whatever ya want.
  2. I feel your pain. I've been in FL for 13 years.. spent the first four years in a high priority evac zone.. technically wasn't even living on real land, it was all man-made with a sea wall, now I'm a little more inland and on solid, high ground. I freaked out the first time a storm came close that first year.. then I learned the joy of hurricane parties :). It's really annoying when you just want to buy your groceries for the week and everyone is fighting over bread and water.. I mean, really, for a storm to damage my area it would have to cover a lot of land after it first defied physics with the Gulf currents.. but they freak out anyway.

    Granted, if one ever did come into the bay closest to me, we're all screwed. But that hasn't happened for a hundred years or so.. let's hope I haven't just jinxed us into the next great disaster.
  3. yea thats the worst part of a hurricane is the flooding and storm surge. especially for places that are below or a few feet above sea level. main reason new orleans got it so bad was cause theyre were 11 ft below sea level to begin with, that disaster jus made everyone think hurricanes are scary. When a hurricanes coming I flock to the beach! Ever see that machine that shoots 2x4's at like 150mph ? they said thats what hurricane winds can do to a 2x4, although Ive been out in the middle of several hurricanes and never seeen any flying wood. Never saw anything fly that weighed more than a pound.

    thanks for taking the time to read that, i didnt think anyone was going to lol

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