People that call the cops on stoners

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  1. I was smoking at a park with two of my friends in my car one time and all the sudden this silver car pulled up behind me, and was looking at my license plate number and on the phone.

    I drove off and didn't get followed.

    Seriously, why?!?!?!?!?! I was sitting in the park enjoying the sunny day and listening to music. I wasn't planning on hurting a fly....Yeah, lets just call the cops on the stoners so that the attention is not focused on the REAL potential for crime that is about in our society.

    Who agrees that calling the cops on stoners is just a cruel, selfish, fucked up thing to do?
  2. Depends. What were you doing?

    A few weeks ago I was hanging with some people that were acting pretty stupid. Im just glad we didnt get busted by the cops
  3. It's pretty stupid and I can't imagine the cops would be too happy either, wasting their time on some stoner who's minding their own business. There's other stuff - important stuff - that they have to be getting on with.
    But no, an idiot's reaction would probably be something like "Deranged youth, smoking pot! He'll infect the air with his filthy marijuana and turn us all into schizophrenics! Better call the fuzz!"
    People are stupid.

    Though, if you were driving and smoking then you're drawing unneeded attention to yourself.
  4. We were sitting in a street parking spot that gave a view of the park while listening to Abbey Road. We also had a little giggle session but overall, we were not bothering anyone and the area was pretty secluded and shaded.

    Yeah, we were not bothering a single soul.
  5. I wasn't driving. The engine was off and we were parked. Also, it's not like we were blasting the neighborhood with music.

  6. Ah, well, that's a different story then.
    And Abbey Road's a great album, it'd be cool if you were blasting the neighbourhood with it!
  7. maybe you were paranoid and he didn't call the cops on you.
  8. Well you dont know they were calling the cops. Plus I highly doubt they would dispatch a unit for that anyway. You may think cops are out to get stoners, when they see it as retarded as you do but they have to do their jobs.
  9. yeah how do you know they were calling the cops lmao
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    People that call the cops on smokers either have no life and want to see other people's nights ruined, or threy are trying to get revenge.

    Other than that I don't see what other motive some asshole would have for calling cops. Why take the time outta your day to do that and have no gain other than people you dont even know put in cop cars
  11. I feel you man, ive felt the same at times too when i get in a sketch situation like that. i toked all the way from the continental divide to Seattle, with breaks in between of course, but i was literally lighting my piece up in the middle of i90 traffic in Spokane, damn it felt good. Just gotta be careful man, that's it, don't stay in one spot for too long (i learned that the hard way, but thankfully did not actually get busted by the popo)
  12. 911 operator: 911, what's your emergency?

    Idiot: Yeah, there are some people smoking Marijuana in a car in the park.

    911 operator: Are they causing problems? or are they hurt?

    Idiot: No, They're just sitting there smoking, laughing, and not harming a fly.

    911 operator:........ click!

    Too bad they can't hang up on these fools.
  13. Haha you're right! Infact they should have called the cops if I WASN'T blasting Abbey Road.
  14. My neighbors a judge, and he's seen me toke. Doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

    I'm glad he's reasonable guy. Pretty cool too.
  15. Where I live, if the police are called, they have to at least respond to check it out.

    My friend's neighbor calls the cops every time we have like 2 cars over there.

    They're always just like "sup dudes, had to come down here again, I see you are not doing anything stupid so I will leave your property now and stop wasting my time kthanxbye"

    But never once are they like HAY DUDE STOP CALLIN US ON THESE DUDES

    so dumb
  16. happily i dont think this has ever happened to me. although a few times ive been blazing with friends and well look at a nearby house and theres like some old lady just staring at us, and we move before they have the chance to do anything.
  17. Some people are fucking stupid. Its a shame really
  18. That sucks. One time I was in the suburbs with two cars of people, waiting for one kid to go into his house and then come back out, and this fucker came out of the house I was parked in front of, came up to my window with this bright ass light, and started asking me a bunch of questions. He told me he was gonna call the cops on us (for no goddamn reason) and he got behind my car, got on his phone, and started taking down my license number. Some people are just fucks.

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