People that believe in Atlantis & Lumerian history

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  2. Graham Hancock is awesome. His work is interesting as fuck
  3. no its just plain dumb. all the scientific evidence is fabricated so much to the point it's so obvious. id love to believe it but i just cant phatom how anybody could. it's like scientolgy and mormans. how dumb can people get.
  4. sometimes I ponder this same question.. :rolleyes:
  5. Atlantis existed about 50,000 years ago. Enough time will decay any kind of technology/material. This super advanced computer I'm typing on, will be completely dissolved, even the plastic, in 50,000 years or likely even less than that, and anything that is found will have been used for a suitably primitive purpose. I must have used the broken box as a digging tool, or a cabinet.

  6. So out of curiosity, the people of Atlantis had all this amazing technology but they hadn't thought of domesticating horses, cattle, dogs, or grains?

    I have a hard time understanding how they could have a society where they'd have enough food and stability that they could just focus on developing their philosophy and technologies

    Be interesting to find out how they were able to develop these great technologies if they hadn't mastered the most basic ones...
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  9. The Lemurians were as real as you and I.

    I'm kidding, bro.
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