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People that act strange when high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skateblaze420, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. Sorry if this is long lol. So I have this friend I smoke with often and he's been smoking about 3 months and 8 months for me. But everytime he gets high he goes crazy. He yells at people in public, he starts singing at random times, he falls asleep on and off even after 1 or 2 hits, he cries, and he gets mad at me, he interrupts me when I'm talking, and yells at me for no reason. The first few times it was funny but now it's extremely annoying. He always says he can handle himself and act normal but he does the same thing every time. It's gotten to the point where I've limited how much he smokes but it doesn't help much. Yesterday we ran into another one of my good friends and he had some bud on him so we smoked it. I felt a different high so I asked him what it was and he said it was a pure indica, which is cool since I'm used to smoking saliva dominants. So me and the friend that had the stuff were having a good time at the park and my friend was completely out of it. He basically didn't talk for the first 30 minutes. We all smoked the same amount and my friend smokes just as much as I do but he was just gone. He would fall asleep on and off for 5 minutes continuously and everyone he woke up he would say he's thirsty and that he needs help getting up and everytime I would try to help him up he would yell at me to stop and fall back asleep. And then he started yelling at people and then he crossed the line when a cop car drove by and he yelled that we're not high at the cop car and me and my other friend were both starting to get pissed off so I told him that he can't smoke anymore. When I told him that he got furious and threw his skateboard in the road and started crying. We all went back to my other friends house and he stopped crying but he didn't say a single word or respond for 30 minutes. Then he fell asleep for 2 hours. He was still high and really confused when he woke up again even though me and my other friend had come down even after smoking again while he was asleep. And then when he said he had to go home I had to help him walk all the way to his house. I'm never letting him smoke again because of that. Is this normal for some people? He also says he remembers nothing after he comes down. Has this ever happened to you?
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    Sounds super annoying, I would fuck with him till he didn't wanna be your friend anymore. Sounds like a little girl and it would be fun to bother him . Pour water on his face when he's sleeping and shit hahahahahah
    That shits not normal unless he's 12
  3. thats a bit strange
  4. seems like the type of cat that shouldn't be smoking weed.
  5. He must be mentally ill or something. I've done the crying thing but only after I was drinking. It's really embarrassing like crying over not being able to see a movie in a theatre
  6. Stop hanging out with that moron...
  7. Go deep into the forest than when he falls asleep dip quick haha, sounds like an unsafe person to be around
  8. hes just a bipolar shithead and weed brings it out more. not a guy I'd smoke with.

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