People suck

Discussion in 'General' started by FireMonkey, May 21, 2011.

  1. So does sobriety
  2. Yes they do and yes it does...
  3. These are all valid points.
  4. You need to get stoned.
  5. I think sobriety sucks a lil more than people.

  6. you need to not people man.
  7. Hooray for blanket statements
  8. Know how ya feel...


    ... glad I'm baked. :D
  9. Sobriety + people + me = a bigger rapture then even Harold Camping can expect.

    (last day i can use a joke about him before people are over it)
  10. OP if people suck, and you're a person, then you suck. You suck buddy.

  11. Bet the SNL skit will be hilarious!
  12. and I'm guessing you're both. You know what?
  13. Oh... sobriety's not that bad.
  14. I think people are much more tolerable on ganja... other substances however people scare the fuck out of me....

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