People stealing lighters? I got mine back.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Stride420, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Everyone is responsible for their own lighters imo
  2. There is no shittier feeling then not having a lighter...
  3. tahts not cool, but this is also why i keep a bag of 10 fresh lighters in my room lol
  4. I do it all the time on accident.. Were stoners man.. a bic feels natural in the hand. just say "yo anyone have my lighter" and most likely someones gonna give it back..
  5. So I get home from work and everyone I ride with usualy comes into my pad to smoke a bowl after work. I had something to do and was in the bathroom well the homies smoked and as the last one left he was all I left a hit for you. I was like cool thanks. Any way I hop out of the shower go to take my hit and no bud in the bowl. I was like alright ill just pack a new bowl and enjoy it myself. So pack a bowl realizing I got all weekend no work just pot and ps3. Go to grab the new lighter I just bought the day before and realized I am lighterless for the entire weekend. So after about 10 minutes of raging that my new lighter I had just bought to replace the last one that was taken from me I hopped on my bike and rode to the smoke shop to buy a new lighter went home and enjoyed my weekend.
  6. Happens to me all the time This year its happened twice. The first time I was at a friends house with a few of my boys, and my friend brought over one of his friends. We decided to smoke hookah that day and I had my lighter out. Well my friend's friend went outside to smoke a cig and brought my lighter with him and I didn't realize he had took it until the next day. The second time was when I went to this bar/ lounge with one of my cousins for his birthday and he brought a co worker of his. Well his co worker got shit faced and like always I had a pack of cigs and my lighter out and he jacked my cigs and my lighter what sucked was that the box was new and I had only smoked a few

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