People stealing lighters? I got mine back.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Stride420, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Anyone ever steal your lighter and you notice and you ask for it back? Or just anything in general like an ipod or something?

    We were having a family type party with some close friends invited. Im just chilling in my room doing hw cuz these parties are boring. My dads fiancee knocked on my door and said one of the guys that came has weed.

    So he came to my room. We talked a bit and I was like you know we can smoke in here. It's all cool. He was like damn really? So we both matched a bowl(just wanted to get nicely lifted not baked cuz of family party) using my lighter. It's one of those clear electronic bics. It's refillable and pretty nice. So this guy left and I kept doing hw. I finished up my hw and noticed my lighter is gone.

    So I went into the backyard where everyone was at. I knew he had it for sure. So I went right up to him and I was like can I have my lighter back. Not cool man. At first he was trying to play it off like it was just a habit/instinct to put it in his pocket. Then later on he was like yeah sorry man I shouldn't have done that. I was like it's cool man only a lighter but this makes it hard to trust you about now.

    Btw we also traded 3 grams of his weed for 3 grams of mine. That was pretty cool.

    You guys got any stories you have about someone stealing something and you confronting them and you get it back?
  2. I practically give lighters away haha. Just because he stole a lighter doesn't mean he will fuck your mother.
  3. [quote name='"MarleyIsaLegend"']I practically give lighters away haha. Just because he stole a lighter doesn't mean he will fuck your mother.[/quote]

    No I know that's why I said it's just a lighter but the principal of it. Like I just met him and he stole something off of me. All while I was being nice saying we can smoke in my room.
  4. Man...FUCK people that steal lighters. That shit BUGS me. It ain't cool bro, it ain't cool

  5. But he offered to smoke you up for free. But I def. see what you mean.
  6. I usually keep a good eye on my lighters. Someone pockets it I say something lol
  7. [quote name='"MarleyIsaLegend"']
    But he offered to smoke you up for free. But I def. see what you mean.[/quote]

    We matched bowls. A bowl from him and a bowl from me.
  8. My parents leave for a week, and I spent all the money I had on drugs and booze, only had one lighter for the entire week. I throw a party, and my only lighter gets jacked. I wake up the next day wanting to blaze, no ligther and no other ignition source in my house. I scrounge for change, I'm 50 cents short of a lighter. Long story short, I had to wait 12 hours to blaze.
  9. Paper towel in toaster makes fire....Good thing I'm all grown up now and don't have to worry about that.
  10. I always pocket lighters on accident.
    But its only a lighter dude, Its not something to loose trust over.
  11. C'mon, he pocketed your lighter, it happens. Why would someone steal a lighter on purpose, they cost like a buck. It sounds kinda like your overreacting
  12. yeah, stealing isn't cool no matter the cost.
  13. Just pick up a lighter leash they"r only like 2$
  14. People pocket lighters all the time by accident. Sometimes I end up missing all my lighters, sometimes I have one for every day of the week. Usually if you know who has it ou just have to ask for it back, they're not gonna flip out cuz it was probably unintentional.
  15. someone took my light once...
    for the following months that person kept losing his whenever he came around.
  16. I've never heard someone mad of their lighter getting pocketed 0: happens all the time. I mean, if you can't afford a new lighter, why buy weed.
  17. i've pocketed some lighters but not to close friends or anything and these weren't on purpose either they didn't notice and i usually gave them back soo no harm done :D
  18. They're not expensive but people taking lighters is the most annoying thing ever. Had three stole from me in the last week when I was drunk :(
  19. Yeah its actually quite annoying when you go for a late night smoke and realize all your lighters have been jacked and all the stores are closed

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