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People say im no good...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. crazy as a loon, cuz i get stoned in the mornin, i drunk in the afternoon, kinda like my ole blue tick hound, i like to lay around in the shade, i aint got no money but i damn sure got it made, i aint askin nobody for nothin, if i cant get it on my own...if you dont like the way im livin...


  2. Would'nt need to norm, I could enjoy that life very much, but I will toke with ya if ya need a partner :D
  3. sure man, you can join me and dirtydingusus and mary jane, and sensimil in the tent with our biscuits
  4. hmmm herb, biscuits, and peeps that enjoy both???? Well scootch on over, and pass the splif lol
  5. Mmmmmm....biscuits!!!!

    I got some really good stuff tonight. really has done a job on me!
  6. hidey ho..your just tippin the ice berg tonight..wait til you get to the box....its crazy down there....i figure here fore too long, somebody will recognize this thread as a song:D
  7. wow. i thought i was in the tent. but i havent moved!!! thats how mooooving norm is. and his tent. and the fact that I AM really NO good. people. dont listen to me, just listen to what I have to say...OK?!
    IS SOMEONE saying CHECK here??! man...we gotta do a!!! ok..lets try this now...for the thirst time...(copy, paste, drink, toke)

  9. muwhahaha mmmm [​IMG] yessssssssssssssss.....

    and............? mmmmmmmm....
  10. just sprinkle on a lil sensi and everything tastes better :D

  11. Just leave this long-haired country boy alone!

    I called my barber yesterday to set up a haircut because I'm really getting shaggy. No luck, she's gone to see the NACSAR race and won't be back until Monday.
  12. somethin told me that youd be the one to get it..lmao..

    and that sounds about not cuttin my hair for another 5 months...


  13. Thanks Norm, I knew right away when I read the first line what song you were talking about. I'm surpirised no one else or none of the OFFFers picked it up.

    I was traveling this week, riding shotgun to a crazy man, eating my "Grandpa Munster's Nuthin Muffins" so I could put up with the driver when I noticed something that made me smile. Driving through a major southern city we weer listening to the classic rock station. At exactly 4:20 Creedence Clearwater's "heard through the Grapevine" came on. Now this is one of my favorite tunes to smoke up to and I was wishing I was smoking up rigt on 4:20. Then right after that tune got through its long set, Pink Floyds's "time" came up. Also another great song to smoke to but better when that first high of the day kicks in. I got to doing the math and the Dj had it timed out right. 4:20, light up, CCR, high kicks in, Pink FLoyd. Now that is one great DJ and one great radio station to time that up perfect for us stoners.
  14. yeah, how was the trip?...

    and my mom was listening to a cd i burned her the other day..and i smelled the weed burnin..and there were like 4 or 5 songs that have the word HIGHER in them..and she was skippin back and forth so the radio was just sayin HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER...i couldnt help but laugh.......i may have told that story before..but ive smoked since then..

    i figured either you, or smoky or maybe mary jane would get it...come to think of it, havent seen smoky since he lost his bet heh..

  15. I've been trying to remember who sings that song. I just can't think of who it is!!!
  16. Wrong, it was the Charlie Daniels BAnd back in the 70's, right before the "Urban Cowboy" movie came out.

    Damn, Bud doesn't Charlie live just around the corner from you?
  17. and travis tritt redid it too...

    i like ol charlie daniels tho...

  18. Poppa I thought it was Charlie but i just couldn't remember. I guess I've been smoking a little toooooooooo much!

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