People quitting mary

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  1. So, am I the only one who hears about someone who used to be all like "Smoke weed all day everyday, for the rest of my life" and shit. Going sober, and just feels disappointed?
    All those seshes with them are now just memories, never again will you stand in a circle with one of your favorite stoner buddies passing around the blunt.
    Shit like this hits home real hard:(
  2. Life goes on and it is always easy to make new stoner buddies :smoke:
  3. It's really not that big of a deal
  4. I don't mind If they stop. What bothers me is when they're suddenly higher-than-thou all because they stopped smoking. Had someone today tell me that weed "ruined everything for them" and that he wasn't one of those people (like me) who "can't enjoy life without weed". Meanwhile he's a miserable lonely hipster with no job or goals and I'm the opposite .. Oh well
  5. I have a friend just like that.

    Cept he substituted alcohol for weed. Now that's just stupid. He's a raging alcoholic now lol.
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    What people do with their lives is their decision:confused_2:

  7. I don't think OP said it wasn't their decision, rather he just feels sad when a long time smoker friend quits the herb! I feel the same, I obviously respect their choice as an individual but at the same time it sucks not to be able to smoke with them any more

  8. Bombur has the idea:)
    I have the highest respect for somebody who quits because they honestly don't feel like weed is right for them. As a friend I am proud to see them leave my stoning circle, hopefully they're off onto bigger and better things then afternoon sessions and bong rips. But as a pothead, I'm sad that there is one less friend to tell a legendary sesh story to, or hit up when I'm dry.
  9. I quit Friday...Have to, state athletic commission tests for THC.

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