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people out of the ordinary youve smoked with?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lar20, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. hey guys tell me all your crazy stories about smoking with somebody you wouldnt expect to smoke with. back when i was in high school i had the coolest bus driver who would bum me ciggerettes somtimes adn one time he even handed me a nug when i was getting off the bus lol. ive also smoked with 2 of my highschool teachers (after graduating tho)
  2. Well Kinda the oppiste. This typical stoner chick was surpised that I smoke because I am really shy and I don't talk to new people very well. She thought I was a perfect goody girl till she caught me smoking :D
    I am not a typical looking stoner I quess
  3. I was coming home to visit from college and took the train from the city to a nearby town. I called a random taxi company to hitch a ride to my house. The guy comes and picks me up along with some random family visiting from France. Anyways, he drops the family of three off and I notice a lighter near the car's center console. I look at him and I'm like "You smoke?", and his reply was, "Yeah, cigarettes......and stuff." So I asked him if he blazes and he gets all excited. He showed me a tattoo of a marijuana leaf he had on his shoulder haha.

    Luckily I had a quarter of some fine herb and we toked as he attempted to bring me to my house. Evidently, he got lost for like 15 minutes and had to call in to the workplace through the cab's radio. Apparently the person working there knew him well and let it slide lol. He eventually found his way as I directed him back, he took money off my tab for the smoke up too.

    The guy has a HUGE ass python that he keeps at his house along with a couple other snakes, he showed me some of them on his phone -- kind of weird, but the guy was a cool cat.
  4. yea, I dont look like a stoner at all, most people are quite surprised when I tell them I smoke because they mostly associate it with parties, and outgoing people. Oh well, I am sure I will run into another stoner sometime.
  5. In Dallas I smoked with a blind guy that could roll the best blunts you'll ever see...unless you can't see that is.
  6. i smoked with my aunt who works for the government this summer. as we were smoking in her screened patio one night she was telling me she always gets sketched out and thinks the gov has a little guy camouflaged outside with night vision cameras and heat seeking missles watchin her every move haha
  7. I get told all the time I don't look like someone who would smoke by fellow stoners, and they are always surprised to how much I smoke.

    Some people I've toked with that was random/surprising :

    -Some guy while snowboarding who bummed me and my friend a couple of cigarettes later saw and and gave us a pretty dank G for free which we toked with him.

    -My older sister the first time I found out she smoked haha.

    -Some random people in Cape Cod.
  8. I smoked with some random dude at the beach who was just woke up from a night of mescaline tripping,but i think smoking on the beach with random people just apart of going to the beach :laughing:
  9. This one dude named murph. i guess he actually was a pretty big stoner and it was widely known but it was still cool. like my bro called him up at like 12 and asked if he had any and he said he could get some, then he asked if we wanted to come with him. so we said yes of course and we where driving for like an hour, when we finally get there he just pulls up to the mailbox. drops the money in, takes out the weed and leave. it was interesting. and the entire time he was telling us xanax stories. crazy shit man. then we smoked for like 2 hours and hobled our way back to our house. good night, yepp good night. :smoke:
  10. when i went to cali with my aunt we burned down with a homeless dude he was actually pretty cool
  11. I smoked with a gay kid the other day, I didn't think homosexuals smoked just like I didn't think girls pooped. He was chill as fuck too
  12. I smoked with my dad about a year ago. He was always against pot and never let me smoke in or near the house when I was in highschool living at home. Then I moved out for college and on my 20th birthday he asked me to share a J with him.. a historic moment for sure!
  13. I burn with the cafeteria staff at my off-campus dorm.
  14. me and my friend smoked with his neighbor who was a 70+ year old man
  15. I shit you not this happened...

    I once smoked with a mexican with a hair lip, a six foot indie hunch back kid, and a geman neo nazi guy at the same time.

  16. that just blew my mind right there...
  17. i have an autistic dealer whom iv smoked with. it seems the higher he gets the more "normal" (for lack of better phrase) he becomes, but still super super slow.
  18. I dont wanna know what you look like then;)
  19. #19 BA, Oct 3, 2010
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    I went to a party last year in Seattle after a game at safeco field (my high school baseball team won state there so we had to celebrate). At the end of the night, I ended up with my best friend, my dealer (also a good friend) and the girls gay dad who owned the house. He started criticizing my outfit haha but he liked my jeans i guess! Too drunk to remember everything from that blunt sesh, but it was def out of the ordinary.

    I have also smoked with one of my good friends parents on multiple occasions. Sometimes they'll just come out and take a bong toke with us haha
  20. As I transition into adulthood... smoking with my close friends' parents is quite a trip. An awesome trip though.

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