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  1. Whats your opinion on the herb up here? Moving from California recently all i can say is that its... much different.

    Availability: Not as available as i had imagined.

    Quality: A wide variety, from shitty shitsters to dank.

    Quantity: Fairly easy to find a source, but i was looking for good bud so it took me a while to find a solid guy. good bud can be hard to find sometimes, but i travel from seattle to tacoma a lot so ive met quite a few sources through the ups college scene over there.
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    Well for me man its extremely easy to get daank bud in Washington. I mean im usually in Maple Valley, Kent, or Seattle and in all 3 cities its easy for me and i only get that fiire, then again its through people i know. So im just makin sure but did you say you just moved to Washington? If so, give it a few weeks maybe even less and if your stoner (which im pretty sure you are lol) you'll see Washington has allota bud around man. Alotta people smoke herb here. And i noticed your in Shorline my buddy stays there and he smokes a shitload
  3. I hear that the Seattle area and Spokane have got it locked with the bomb herb.
  4. don't forget Bellingham ;)
  5. i managed to find find some good bud for cali prices 40-50 but then again i havent made any solid friendships to get any hook ups yet haha. speaking of which?

    na man ive noticed though that a lot of people smoke up here thats for sure. as far as it being readily available is another story. it took a lot of friends through friends through friends to find a steady guy that carries some weight. and even then... its in fucking tacoma. the guy does coac too which makes it instantly sketchy, ya know? i mean i dont usually do this but im pretty much down to meet people and burn, cuz i find theres a lot of pretty chill people here :smoke:

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