people need to relax on here

Discussion in 'General' started by Candy87, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. i don't know if anyone had posted something like this before but here i go...

    people need to stop jumping on peoples asses for saying something they believed true or for someone stating an opinion that you don't agree with. correct all you want, but stop being dicks about it! people who act tough on the computer are pathetic. this forum is for helping, discussing, information, and a general place for people to go, not for people to be crude and arrogant. and instead of being selfish, think what others wear going through when giving advice, for all you know a person is baked wear they cant move, or going through other issues that you know nothing about. well I'm done bitching, have a good night.
  2. YAAA!!!!!!

    .......wait, what?
  3. fuck you fuck that, i will never respect that, and i shall never relax. jk thats cool your philosophy makes sense

  4. one more post homie
  5. thats the internet..kinda like real life..insecure people put on tough fronts..

    its easy to do that via internet
  6. happy post 420!:smoke:
  7. n00b you dont tell me wut to do lol

    yeah im lost too...
  8. Look at dude coming on here like he knows a muhfucker. :ey:
  9. I don't know candy, i'd say we are fairly relaxed here, and the ones that make waves on our gentle pond, well, they just don't really get what GrassCity is truely about (and you should let us know about those terrible people ;) )
  10. Candy87, the Mods here(like TokinBlue,lol) keep a pretty good watch on threads and posts that become shitty:eek:,lol. And it's REALLY cool that even a fairly new member like yourself realizes quickly that GrassCity is not that kind of board:D. It gets like that sometimes, even with the efforts of the mods:poke:, but the majority of the Blades and Bladies here know how to shut down a jerk:devious:;):D

    "trash talk" posts are actually the reason some of the longer term members don't post as much on the open board, and either just "lurk" or stick to the VIP lounge.

    Anyways..........Nice to "meet" ya:wave::bongin:;)
  11. Well i already know candy on these boards and i have to say i agree. People seem to want to get hostile for the sake of getting hostile. an example would be i asked a question about a diffuser and someone said go run along and play with bottles and tinfoil and it was sort of like that was uncalled for im asking a simple question you dont have to be at my throat about it.
  12. Hey man, I agree. Sometimes New members ( and even some oldies) have a habbit of Making threads that Have been covered, Burried, and a eulogy delivered. It's annoying because simple questions take up space, when the search button would suffice.

    But ignorance from people is NOT needed, And I agree 100% with you. People don't need to get cocky and ignorant. Which I have been guilty for, and I apologize. But if we want the legalization of marijuana, we need to band together and work peacefully and unified? :hello:
  13. There have been tons of threads like this, it's the summer people, they'll leave. It's kinda like living in my small town, in the summer the population triples, there's tons of accidents and people suck at driving, but come fall time.. it's peaceful again.

    Also, not sure about what you were trying to say the last part of your post, it doesn't make much sense at all.
  14. VIP lounge, did I miss the invite?

  15. I read that too, But didnt say nothin...
  16. yeah wheres this VIP lounge you speak of...
  17. Cowboy went and did it!!! :p You are in TROUBLE Mister Man. :D

    Seriously though, there are certain "qualifications" for the aforementioned forum. It's actually about time to invite more people but it's based on the time here, post count, contributions to the City and so on.

    As far as the reason for this thread, I agree with a great portion of it. Unfortunately, it's been our members that have been here a bit longer and that are so called "well respected" that have been the source of a lot of disrespect around here. It sucks. For some reason, they think they are above the rules and can do what they want. So many really good newer members have been "pushed" out of the City by some of them but we have chosen to not let that continue.

    We do have new members that come in saturating the City with disrespect also. That sucks too. Maybe if people would read the rules and soak in the sunny City vibes before posting, it would help.

    I don't get why it's so hard to mutually respect each other. I'd hate to see how "real life" is for some.

    In the end, though, this is the City. We're a kick ass cool stoner family. We'll do what's necessary to keep the City a feel-good place for stoners so they can kick back and chill here. :)
  18. I knew it.

    I knew there was one, I suspected/knew it for a long time now. Its been mentioned before but always on the low.

    Guess im not liked enough...
  19. yeah, wheres this vip lounge ive heard so much about? im gonna be seriously sore about this if i find out you high mf'ers are off chillin in some glorious vip area without good 'ol JWS! what the fuck is that?

    *sittin in the corner alone smokin my lonly bowl and cryin in my beer*
  20. oH I see how its is.....sad Xmas.

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