People Looking For Fights

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by chronix, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Especially at parties. Last night I was hella crossed at my friend's house just after his brother had finished having a party, and the guy kept trying to provoke me by getting up in my face for the most random shit. I'm not a violent person but when somebody gets in my face I take it very personally. In the end, I ended up restraining myself because: A)it was my friends brother, and he has told me on several occasions not to fight his bro B)it was his house, and I was sleeping there that night C)his father was present. Not only this, but the next morning he kept getting in my face and even accused me of stealing things from the party that I wasn't even at. I've made a promise to myself to beat this kid senseless next time I see him.
  2. Its not even worth it. He sounds like one of those kids that actually
    cant wait to get in a fight, if thats the case, you'll just be entertaining him.

  3. good. I hate kids who PURPOSELY look to get in a fight or give someone a hard time. I don't mind those who have a REAL problem with me or them. but the random people are stupid. Beat that stupid fuck to a pulp.

  4. That's what bothers me so much about this little fuck. If I'd done something to offend him, I could understand him being a little bitch towards me, but every time I see this kid he acts like a little bitch for no reason, and every time I leave I think to myself, shit, I'm going to have to kick this kid's ass one day.

    Anyways, the day has come. Sometime soon we'll cross paths...
  5. I think its hella funny when people look for fights and then get their ass kicked.
  6. With any luck that will be the jist of what happens to this kid. I'll keep people informed/updated, as I think this will be going down sometime in the next week. I just gotta find the fucker somewhere other than at his house.

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