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Discussion in 'General' started by XxMFDoomxX, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Warning:You are about to enter a vent zone

    So today me and a couple buddy's had a big bonfire. Like 4 of us or so and my buddy who is the owner of the house. Well his little sister had a couple friends over . So they came out to the fire and hung for a bit. Anyways just some background info, but this one girl was just such a bitch i cant even believe it.

    First off somehow coyotes are brought up in the conversation we live in a pretty country like area so pretty normal for us. Apparently the other friend is afraid of coyotes and the bitch goes on about how its ok because coyotes hunt alone and i guess 1 coyote isnt bad lol. So im just like are you fucking kidding me? You know they hunt in packs right its pretty common knowledge and i know because i hear them every night killing in packs right out my back door. But no shes some expert on the matter all i try to do is just shed some light on the subject. Just how strongly she will disagree with you about how she knows whats what just kills me a little inside.

    Then she goes off about how im throwing wood to close to her and blah blah fucking blah. Its like STFU im the only one keeping the fire alive quit your bitching. I never had a problem with this girl until now i smoke a blunt with her one time and she acts like the center of all attention. She spends 8 hours rolling the blunt and then she doesnt even roll correctly and sits there trying to make her self seem so cool.

    People like this to me are trying to act and try to hard to be cool. And get defensive whenever something threatens the state of there coolness. And she thinks everyone needs to agree with her because shes the almighty knowledgeable being.Hey maybe im just a fucking asshole, but atleast i dont treat everyone inferior because i know so much which turns out to be false info most of the time.

    Now the question have you ever had to deal with people like this? Am i just being a noisy asshole and bringing up a fuss about nothing? How have you dealt with people like this in the past?

    Girl is a bitch i know acts like a know it all im just venting on the subject a little bit.

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