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People like this still exist?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cubic Cuban, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. When you say try too hard to stick up for blacks like this it becomes just as racist, sort of like counter productive.

    I am black and didn't watch the video, I could care less, I like knowledge when I am high and the snapshot and quote implies dumb bitch.
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    I'm no expert, but i don't think there is anything in the brain that would actively make you dislike someone because of their religion, race, culture, ect... No one is born a racist, they're raised like that. Like hitler's youth. Kids will listen to anything their parents tell them. Why? Cause it's their fucking parents, bro. Their job is to show you what is around you and your job is to experience it and formulate your own opinions.
    IMO it all has to do with the environment in which they were brought up and your experiences. I live in the suburbs and every white kid here wishes they were black, yet they're scared whenever I tell them where my father lives (mainly hispanic area.) It angers me, I hate where i live because no one thinks for themselves, they're all their parent's puppets. I've learned a lot from my folks, but I have never let them force-feed me their beliefs and they have always respected that.

    But for your theory:
    I know this gay kid who has problems, his father HATES homosexuals and raised his family by the word of 'the almighty father' or some shit like that. Kid comes out to his father, father verbally and psychically injures the man before kicking him out. Apparantly what he was raised to believe was more important than his own family. If you have the nerve to disown your own flesh and blood, then you're not worthy of having kids. On the same note, if you have the nerve to OWN your kid and not let them think for themselves, then you are def not fit for a parent because they are children not drones.

    idk where im going, im rambling but my point is, the brain is capable of amazing things. It keeps us living and in tune with our reality. I would be very surprised if there was a part that's specific function is to discriminate.

    Whether rascism/hate is genetic is another fabled story....
  3. You need help
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    His first paragraph is pretty accurate, IMHO.
  5. Yes because I am black I need help. You need a bowl buddy.
  6. I'm surprised you even know what a bowl is Mr. Dutchmaster
  7. I have heard of it, unfortunately my kind do not have the hands, eyes, and brains to discover such tools.

    I generally just eat the nuggets like fruit.

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