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People like this still exist?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cubic Cuban, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I hate shit like this

    My dads first daughter (my half sister) just married into a racist family from Idaho. They are really nice people, unless you are mexican or black (hell just being a non caucasian will piss them off)

    they make me sick
  2. Wow that pissed me off.

    Why didn't he just drive away?
    That's a strong man keeping his temper like that, and not even name calling or yelling or anything.

  3. Well then you need to get out more.

    The name-calling is annoying but if she would of smacked me then well...:devious::confused_2:
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    I'm just saying, you wanting to be around black people more than white people, isn't racist. You might enjoy the company of your black family members, but it's really not because they're black; it's as you've said, they're just more chill, generous and easy to be around.

    Now, you might sound 'racist' to some because of the wording of your post, but you're not bestowing this sentiment unto everyone who inhabits our society. Just upon your immediate familial relations; the people you're likely to encounter and have developed lasting relationships with. You also mention the difference in skin colour, because that is one way that many people are able to delineate and differentiate between persons.

    It's simple (but oh so complex), it's quick, it's... "that black guy John knows" and immediately you have some idea about WHO is being spoken about. Now, HOW you speak about people might reveal more about your attitude, but for the purposes of quick identification/reference, your mention of skin colour distinguishes between individuals which the other qualities they possess, might not be articulate enough.

    I don't really know what I'm going for here, but uh... yeah, mere speech acts don't constitute 'racism' in its entirety.
  5. While i hate generalizing people... You can faction blacks, whites, latinos into two groups. Those wanna-be gangster-ass-hats all hell bent on destruction are not the same as a normal human being. May I recommend the Boondocks?

    [ame=]‪A Nigga Moment‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    Good, cause i just did :cool:

    Each race has scum, skinheads, chollos, gang bangers, whatever, but it doesn't mean all people are like that. I don't really prefer any race over others, as long as they're real and not an asshole they cool with me. Though, I will say walking on the sidewalks I find it easier to have a conversation with a black person because white people are always all like "Get a job, hippie." ohyeahwellfuckyou!
  6. Very true. I was trying to make a point with that, but I do know some black people who are very good people
  7. I've tend to find the amount of melatonin in someone's skin and the origin of their ancestors has no impact on who they are as a person. Their upbringing, however, does along with some other factors. The difference between the sides of your family does not lie in race, but rather the other factors you mentioned (one side is stuck up, etc).
  8. [ame=]‪Morgan Freeman on Black History Month‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
    Go to :36
  9. With that thinking you have to tolerate her intolerance. Haha jk total bitch. I'm not racist but I do remember reading that there is a part of the brain that is active in some people makes them racist... again not defending the bitch. But that would make it a disease like addiction. Anyone ever heard this before? Or do I need to smoke less
  10. That black dude should get a promotion for not curbstomping that bitch. Furthermore, he wasn't even African American, was he? His accent sounded like he was from the Caribbean. Typical generalizing dumb white racist bitch, really.

    This is why I dislike so many white people, especially white women.
  11. Hypocritical contradicting bitch.
    Her IQ is lower than my balls, when I'm sitting on the floor.
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    Because accent and skin colour are absolute determiners of ethnicity and geographical origin...
  13. I don't see why people are like this. Hell maybe their skin color is different but they are exactly the same as any other person in this world. They have the same emotions, same organs, they think the same as every one else does. It's people like this that are what makes this planet shit. You may say, "Blacks are wanna-be gangsters or their all hoodlums." But then look at white people, we have wanna-be gangsters and hoodlums. It's not like just because their black they are like that. Every race has those people like that. A lot of my good friends are black and I feel completely normal around them. Actually they're a lot more fun to be around and don't bitch and complain about everything like some whites do.

  14. Don't be an instigator.
  15. That video grinds my gears.......
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    I'm not trying to be. I'm just making my own point.

  17. I hear ya.

  18. You are stooping to her level by generalizing an entire race of people

    Like somebody already said, there are scumbags everywhere and of every race. With that being said, there are also good people everywhere and a part of every race
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    Amen. I can't stand it. Ignorance in general drives me nuts.
  20. Lady definitely has some serious mental health problems along with other obvious issues.

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