People keep coming into my apartment when I'm super blazed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by zippidee, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. This week, it seems like every time I get really stoned I wind up having to talk to sober people for random long periods of time. Like, I got blazed the other afternoon and a then a couple of my neighbor's friends spontaneously came over to my place, and I had to introduce myself and carry on a conversation. Then they came over again today (uninvited) right after I'd smoked several bowls and expected me to remember their names and talk again. Or this Sunday morning, I smoked off my hangover, and then all my roommates left, so I wound up talking to the hungover guy who over at our house party the night before and slept on our couch. Or this Sunday afternoon, after I'd been basically smoking all day, a friend of a friend came over to get his phone, and we wound up smoking cigarettes and talking and being completely unable to find his phone OR mine (to call his). (He had to have known that there was something wrong with me - I was obviously being dense as shit.)

    It's weird because these are all people that know I smoke, but don't smoke a ton themselves and don't know how much I smoke. I don't really care if they figure it out, but it's weird to me that I can be obviously ripped in front of them and they don't even notice. I always feel like I'm speaking gibberish and pausing abnormally frequently, but no one ever says anything. I even asked my roommates a few times if I had been obvious because I was sure people could tell and they told me they hadn't been able to tell.

    You ever get that feeling that you're constantly stoned and everything is just perfectly normal, but it's weird at the same time because you're the only one who knows you're high? That's like my whole week this week.
  2. I totally know what you mean. I smoke almost everyday before school and it seems like everyone knows. I usually wouldn't care but this girl I really luke is completely against it. But anyways it always seems like whenever I'm blazed the teacher wants to ask me 73858285059 questions. Haha
  3. lol, i think that when we smoke our self consciousness goes up a lot.
  4. that would irritate me as well, especially if my neighbors friends just came over. lock yo front door man
  5. eh, it's cool that they come over, we're friends with our neighbors and it keeps things interesting. it's just that it's super disorienting when i'm stoned.
  6. For sure, I always sweat the small stuff high dude.:smoke:
  7. The worst is that my mind works quicker when I'm high, so pauses of silence in conversation seem like minutes instead of seconds and I freak out at the awkward silence haha
  8. i have friends like u and believe me people notice ur fucked up. and if they dont think ur high they think ur brain is fried from smoking too much
  9. Yeah, I used to have friends and relatives stop by all the time when I was baked, or smoking just then. I dont really give a fuck what anyone thinks as long as its not my mom or my dad or anything haha. But that's why I lock my shit up at all times now.
  10. Maybe so, but I've conditioned myself to just say "fuck it" when it comes to other people knowing if I'm high or not.
  11. i have this problem too. im like the stereotypical stoner i wear tie dye like 5 days a week and have long hair and i usually have the facial hair like Shaggy from Scooby Doo and NO ONE calls me on it. it just amazes me.
  12. Word, happens to me too. I just dont answer the door.
  13. I dont sweat the small stuff period. When Im high I dont sweat at all.

  14. Yup, i never answer my door when i'm blazed. If it's so important and the person knows me they can pick up their phone and call before coming over.
  15. from your description they obviously don't need to
  16. I'm in between. I notice everything way more and obsess about details, but it doesn't bother me.

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