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People In New Jersey/new York: How Much Do You Pay For A Quarter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tree Of Life, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Oh I just have to post this about my oldschool dumbass neighbor. We live 3hrs from nyc and this guy would rather drive to the city to cop a qp of mids for 600 than pay 250 for oz of dank from my cousin. Dude clearly isn't all there in the head or just set in his ways. Loves smoking the bud when im around but won't pay 250 oz when everyone tells him its a fantastic price for this part of the country
    Does not compute

  2. NY doesn't.

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  3. 1/8th $50
    1/4th $95
    1/2 $125
    Full O $280-300

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  4. In my area of new york
    For regulars
    40 an 1/8
    85 a 1/4
    140 an ounce

    For High quality dank
    60 an 1/8
    100 a 1/4
    240 an ounce
    thought they passed the law in July..
    are you sure there is no MMJ program in NY state?
  6. wow our schools really suck at teaching math
  7. As a resident NYer I'm absolutely positive. That douchebag governor instituted some bullshit plan that won't take affect for awhile, with extremely limited access to patients who suffer from terminal/chronic diseases.

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  8. Rutgers University = $60 for 1/4  :bongin:
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    Why? How does 125 for half equate to "280-300 OZ"  and what wackjob dealer does 95 for qtr then only 125 for half but then jumps back to 280 for oz. your whole post does not add up
  10. Okay lol sorry my dealer offends you

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  11. Its not that, its just that you're obviously full of shit.
  12. Okay random asshole on the internet

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  13. Welcome to the internet.
  14. $45-50 for an 1/8th of high grade bud :)
    Dunno about 1/4's, probably about $80-$90
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    I'd drive to save money... if he is infact saving money. I'd do it for 40% more bud...which,is what,he is doing paying 150/Oz then 250..

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  16. someone should like hook me up xD 120 for a quarter in hawthorne 
  17. oh and you have no idea what youre getting just heres weed now pay me xD
  18. LI, 35-40 for an eighth. 70~ for a q. Just gotta know the right people :)
  19. #59 weedsativa, Jan 23, 2015
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    You guys pay high, I pay
    60 a 1/4
    100-110 a 1/2
    180-200 a oz

    I live in new mexico btws
  20. When i was living in VA a gram of mids was $5.  A gram of loud was $15/20 depending on who you knew. a Dime of mids which is 1.5-2 grams, loud is about $25-30  (and is usually skimp) a dub ($20 bag) which is 3.5-4 grams of mids, in loud would be about $40-45.  A Q of mids which is around 8-9 grams well what i could get it for is $25-30 (my weed man is my bestfriend) and a half Oz. of midswhich is 14grams I can get 45-50 and the whole onion i can get for $60 which if im gettin hooked up i can get 30 grams 1.06 oz.  

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