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people getting competitive

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mcgrathrips, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. So i dont always get to smoke so my tolerance stays pretty low, but i know these kids who make like a competition about how high your tolerance is.. its like they shit on you for getting higher easier lol.. like wtf i dont understand it. like yea you smoke more weed but why be a dick and get competitive?

    lol its weed just chill the fuck out:smoke:

    you guys know people like this and isnt it annoying as fuck?
  2. Never really heard anybody doing it, but I do hear people calling others bitches when they can't smoke anymore since their too high.

    Whenever you wanna stop is fine with me.
  3. Well it's cool to be able to take a really big rip and keep going at it like nothing.Yeah it does suck when you have to smoke more to get high though I do really miss that.
  4. I hate this also. Especially when I've been toking longer and know more about the herb.
  5. That's kind of dumb on their part because you pretty much win in my book when you get higher faster. That way, you don[t have to smoke as much bud. Less bud being smoked= more bud saved. More bud saved= more money saved. More money saved= strippers? Haha don't let em phase you, brotha. Just let them keep thinking they're the hottest shit in the toilet because sooner or later, we all get flushed.
  6. Everything is a competition... Everything. I'm not competitive at all though and i take pride in that... In fact, I'm positive that i'm the least competitive person... So i win.
  7. i wish i smoked weed like a bitch and got high as fuck and had no tolerance. much more fun imo
  8. I like to do it mutually with others, it's fun messin around with homies like that. One of my friends got talked into smoking a bowl of stems and eating roaches, even some with big filters. Haha.
  9. Three words. LAST MAN STANDING. the aim of the game is to be last man standing by smoking pipe after blunt after bong endless waves till the last man is standing.
    Getting high is a full contact sport just like football.
  10. Getting high is not a race nor competition...
  11. yea I agree, having low tolerance is a good thing in the end. But if you really want to increase it so you can somehow keep your "manhood" just smoke alone in progressively larger amounts. You'll get to their tolerance in no time trust me.
  12. I dont deal with assholes anymore. Fuck em'. I realized that this year. :cool:
  13. Haha, yes, I saw a lot of this in high school, not so much outside of it. It's just funny to me.


    Like, for real? I'ma small guy, I've always had a low tolerance, and when I do build up a tolerance, whether it's large or not, it goes away with two days of not smoking.

    I've always considered this lucky. I can hang with those "big tokers", and smoke just as much as them, but be 2x as high. That's a blessing IMO.
  14. Yeah, some kid who thinks hes a dealer told me I'm a pussy because I was saving up weed to smoke instead of blowing it all on one sesh. This is the same kid that nearly cried when his dad found him smoking once and he called me up looking for weed the next day:p. I say smoke however much you want, don't listen to assholes who think they can "outsmoke" you
  15. I love science , there needs to be a scale to determin different levels of high lol im baked

  16. through out your life you going to run in to people like this..Its not just in high school (though its more common) but just some individuals just aren't that cool to hang around let alone smoke advice is to seperate yourself from those type of yourself bro and just take it one day at a time..don't let things like that bother you in any is way to short :smoke:

  17. saves money too! :)

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