People from VA!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by NegroLipper, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Basically new to the website but have seen alot of helpful information too so figured It was time to get to know some people from my area. So If you live in Virginia around the 757 area then lets talk and we can set up a meet and toke or something :smoke:
  2. I live in Southwest Va. :(
  3. Yeah I seem to see alot of people from NOVA on here but none too close to my area. Guessing by the face that you dont like It too much, how is the bud out there?
  4. Pretty shitty. Always dry, hard mids :/
  5. Damn that sounds like a tough situation, I can usually always find some dank around the area here but Its mostly a money problem on my end. :(

  6. I live in the same area, always dry here. People with some dirt or decent mids. I usually only get good weed when I go back to PA or NYC.

  7. Haha yeah I have heard about NYC from a couple buddies about having generally good bud but regardless my broke ass can only afford a little dank at a time..

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