People congregating outside the bathroom

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  1. Does anyone else hate it when you are trying to relieve yourself, and it feel like everyone is listening/watching? I just went to the bathroom, and then all the sudden while im bending over I hear a whole bunch of people just chillin outside. Ruined the whole moment. It's like whenever I have to use the bathroom everyone has to line up outside of my damn stall. And then its always awkward walking out because everyone just heard you fiddling about in the bathroom and the next dude is just staring at you as you pull your pants up

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    It's the hidden cameras you gotta worry about bro. No stall is safe..check everywhere.
  3. I am a fan of your threads. 
  4. I am a fan of you. ;)
  5. Wasnt your username spelled differently before?
  6. Take a giant shit and don't flush it. That's how I take the anger out.
  7. Hold up...bending over for what?
  8. Who wants to know?
    I ain't tell'n you shit.
  9. He's a closet shitter.
  10. Lol!
  11. Idk why people worry so much about other people when you're on the shitter.

    I think more parents should be reading "everyone poops" to their children, people have such shame in dropping the kids off at the pool.

    I'm glad I can shit anywhere and anytime worry free. I do my own thing and I ain't letting anyone get me down.
  12. Right? It's normal I'd be more concerned if I wasn't shitting. I don't like feeling like I got a damn 5 pound shit in my stomach. If it needs to come out it needs to come out. The dude in the stall next to you is probably preoccupied with things going on in his own life. Chill homies it's nothing to be ashamed of. Shit when and where you need to shit. If someones really fucked up enough to have their ear next to the stall trying to hear you pinch a growler then let em hear.
  13. Trust me, nobody stands near my shit :smoke:
    For the glory hole.
    That's not how glory holes wor... err.. I mean. umm.. I HEARD that's not how they work... I don't have any personal experience with them.  Watch out for splinters.  Getting wood takes on a whole new meaning.  
  16. Just curious, how'd everything turn out with the bf dick thing. I don't think I ever heard a conclusion. Is it back to working order?
  17. you open the door before you secure your pants? just kidding guy. i think its gross to stand near a public bathroom.
    i get mad if im at a restaurant and they try to seat me near the bathroom. thats gross.
  18. I've always had a fear of glory-holes and chaffing. 
  19. I can't even take shits outside of my house.  Like my body physically won't let me.  If I really did need to go I don't feel it until I step inside my house.
  20. Glory hole (I was going to search for an image of one sans penises, but I don't like my chances of searching for it :laughing: )

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