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People bugging me about smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by circahasfallen, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hey guys! I'm new here, and kinda new to smoking. The first time I tried marijuana was probably 2 months ago, and I have smoked every weekend since then. Now, the only problem that it is causing is people CONSTANTLY making annoying remarks in school, or joking (or so I think) about writing an anonymous note to guidance about it. I hope it is because it is the first week that word actually spread, as I'm not going around yelling "HEY GUYS! I SMOKE WEED!" lol :D but anyway, they will just make stupid comments about every five seconds about it. And one guy even went as far as seeing how loud he could yell "JOE SMOKES POT" in his class...Anyone have any tips on how to avoid the comments and stop people from joking about writing referrals...keep in mind I'm not the only one in my school (obviously :p) but for some reason I'm an easy target...
  2. In a school situation, lie. There is no reason other people need to know you smoke. Tell them you quit. Keep in mind that it IS an illegal substance.

    Good luck!
  3. Why wouldn't you want people to know? Mary Jane, that fine bitch shouldn't be hidden from anyone but legal authority. PS school sucks! :)
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    Im in the exact same situation. Ive even lost a few frends over it. Its so fucking stupid. I told one kid who i thought was a cool guy, but then he toldd evrybody and now ppl are judging me and staying away from me just cus they heard that rumor. Im sort of like an outcast now, just cus one kud started a rumor. Fuck this shit. O well, i can wait our six weeks til summer
  5. lol highschool. but i had the same thing but i went to a private highschooll so everyone tought you were so cool just for smoking, when people would ask if i smoked or not i was always like ya so.... then theyd just be like whoa like i cured cancer or something lol
  6. I assume you are in High School with how immature your friends act. Just disregard their comments, if you show no emotion, they will leave you alone, they are just trying to get a reaction out of you. You aren't going to get in any kind of trouble if someone 'claims' you smoke, you don't have to worry about that.
  7. Smoking is cool!
  8. Ill assume you are in junior high. Leave. (This forum)
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    A serious question, how old are you? It sounds like you are around a bunch of immature 12 year olds. When I was in high school from sophomore to senior year I was like one of the biggest stoners in the school and no one gave a shit.':smoke:
  10. I would lie and deny everything. Also, afterwards, i would tell them to shut the fuck up or bad things will start happening.

    I take it very serious when i hear people talking shit about me, ESPECIALLY illegal shit. I hate the government and all of its officers. They will do and say anything to bring you down and fine you or put you in a private prison.
  11. lol this honestly sounds like it only would happen in a middle school. I know that when i was in middle school, whenever me or any of my other friends heard about the few people who smoked back then, we always thought they were weird and distanced ourselves from them. but when i got into high school pretty much like 3/4 of the people smoked at least once in a while, and we wud always talk about it in everyday conversation. In conclusion OP is most likely a middle schooler. Possibly a freshman in high school but even then i doubt it.
  12. I've lost a couple of friends who said, and I quote, "I don't want you to get hurt." Like really, how the hell would i get hurt smoking something that calms me....
  13. People are threatening your livelihood, you know what needs to be done...
  14. Duke it out
  15. I hate to be the age police guy, but I have to agree with most people in this thread. I doubt you're in high school and if you are you must be a freshman. In high school all the stoners are usually pretty chill with each and also chill with the other "groups" of people.
  16. People care that you smoke? Where the hell do you go to school? Like 99% of teenagers do these days anyways...
  17. Tell them to shut the fuck up haha thats what I would do.

  18. inorite, don't take crap from these bastards.

    if they are your friends or peers, blow them off till they get the idea that its not funny

    or do what the other person said and tellem you quit
  19. What this guy said
  20. last year my high school drug tested some kids after other kids told the guidance counselors about it. it was bullshit. seniors being drug tested for little prissy girls tattling.

    be careful OP....

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