people are assholes. *rant*

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  1. wtf. i hate people. thayre manipulative assholes that only want me for weed. i realized im probably the shallowest person i know. i only leave my hose to go smoke people up, and right after theyre high, they dont want to hang out with me. so i go home.. alone.. high, and sit in my room and feel sad. i try to tell myself some bullshit, and i belive it.
    because im high.
    so im a totaly jackass, and a tool.
    the worst part it, i am myself.
    thsi is who i am...
    a naive tool.
    fuck me and my pathetic joke for a life.
  2. how bout making friend s who actually care about you?
  3. oh I know how that is man.
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    I know a true friend is hard to come by. But you aren't being friendly to yourself, and I daresay that's your best shot. :)

    Keep your head up, buddy. I like your posts. :)

    EDIT: And I just want to say it's a trap to reduce everything to simplicity, when even simplicity is complex. :)
  5. no, its just like think its all these other people that are shallow, but it me whos the shallow one. i put myself on this high horse, and ive finally fallen off and seeing what its really like. who the fuck am i?

  6. Well, you define yourself. Or don't if you so (don't) choose.
  7. Man I know how that shyt is my dude, don't sweat it tho man you just gotta chill wit different people, I remember I used to just chill wit people who I thought were cool but ended up just bein' scumbagz, ya just gotta know howz gonna be real wit you
  8. dude dont analyze your life while you're high lol
  9. not even high...
  10. oh, well i understand you dude been there too

    find things you like to do besides smoking weed there are cool people out there and there are alot of asswipes too you got to learn how to read people

  11. What's your advice on that, actually? I think if everyone shared their strategies honestly we might understand ourselves and others better...
  12. well idk really its about identity to me

    if you identify yourself with something and that something is what you believe makes you waht you are you will be disappointed

    just be yourself not everyone will like you dont get butthurt when people reject you basically cuz it will happen many people associate material gain or money or w/e as what makes them what they are until they lose it all

    but in the end we all die so figure out yourself and live your life how you want to and fuck the haters

    i just dont really care much what others think of me unless they are my good friends most peoples opinions arent worth the toilet paper i wipe my butt with
  13. Tell me how anything you've experienced/known could be separate from all that you are to begin with.

    Can you separate yourself from everything you've ever noticed/been aware of/considered/etc?
  14. maybe you should start over. think about moving somewhere else and try to find people with the same intrest, try to get at least 1 person who u can truelly rely on,

  15. yes you can

  16. I'm a figment of your imagination. Try me. :p
  17. find new friends. im in the process of that.

  18. lol like i said its a matter of identity

    like if an apple is moving through space is it the same apple from time t to t+1 as it changes in time

    why is your experience necessarily the same as who you are

    if 2 things are the same do they necessarily have to be identical

    it all depends on how you want to look at it really

    but most people use pyschedelics to experience that ;)

    but you can also certainly achieve it through transcendent meditation

    or smoking some fine weed :)

  19. Was the post you just made and all the allusions you made with it not of you?

    Either way, I don't see how speculation in and of itself demonstrates separation.

    See... I knew you were S&P material. :) I really encourage you to join us there.
  20. I don't know man i didn't do it. That's just how it is.

    Anyways OP hang in there things will get better dont hate on yourself so much.

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