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Penny in a Grinder.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Dox, May 7, 2009.

  1. I was at a buddy's place and we were using his grinder. He ground up the bud and then when he opened his grinder to get it out, he had a penny inside there. It was where the screen is, above the kief catcher. He claims it pushes the kief through the screen better.

    Is there any truth to this? Or is it a myth?

    I guess it can't hurt either way to have a penny in or not.
  2. it works.
  3. It works, when the trichs get stuck halfway in the screen it gets clogged, the penny chops the trichs in half and also pushes the screen around to allow the most keif to get through.

  4. Just make sure its a fairly new/shiney penny.

    Think of how many floors and shit even a year 2000 penny has be on. :eek:

  5. Haha, I definitely don't want a dirty penny in it.

    I will have to throw one in. Thanks for the help GC. :)
  6. clean whatever coin you plan to use with some isopropyl to kill off germs
  7. I don't understand where to put the coin. I have a grinder with a screen and a kief catcher, but I can't close the lid if I set the penny in there. Can someone post pictures?
  8. I wouldn't use a penny, but yes, agitators do work.

    You'll need something relative to the size of your grinder with a smooth surface.

    You can use BBs, small bouncy balls, or anything that's a ball works wonders.

    I'd recommend the BBs

    Also, after you are done grinding, give that thing a shake for a couple of minutes. You'll get way more keif.

  9. You place it in the part that the weed falls into after you grind it. If your grinder has 3 sections (the top where you put the herb, the middle where the grinded herb falls, and the bottom for the kief) then you would put it in the middle. :wave:
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  10. Sounds like a bb or a ball bearing would be the best ways to go.
  11. Putting coins in grinders have been known to prematurely wear out the screen.

    I use a small brush that comes with electric shavers to lightly brush the screen about once every 2 weeks. Keeps the screen nice and clean and unclogged.
  12. I just lightly tap my grinder with something hard, but not to scratch my grinder(of course). I seems to work fine.
  13. Disinfecting a penny is rediculous. You touch 100's of coins a week and eat. For fuck sake you wipe your ass with paper. You think you'll die from a fucking penny?

    I use a quarter, but my grinder is the size of a grapefruit. The coin definetely helps. Hold it upright and rotate your wrist to get the coin moving in a circle. It will push the keif through and if you do it with bud in the chamber, it will take some keif off the bud.

    Don't do it with "crackly" super dry bud, because you'll end up with green keif
  14. A brush is the best way. I use the one thst came with my shaver also
  15. My grinder doesnt have that. The screen is directly beneath the blades.... it doesnt have the middle compartment.... Does this mean i got a shitty grinder? it was 15 bucks, seemed like a good buy am I wasting weed? What's the diff between the 3 comp. grinder v 2 compartment
  16. i put a dime in my grinder and i can see a difference. it works for sure. my old drug dealer sold alot so he smoked alot. and he smoked about an ounce a week and he even said the coin thing worked
  17. i heard that putting stems in grinders works better than coins
  18. i use a dime.

    it works wonders
  19. I lightly scrape my screen with a stem to vibrate the keif particles through my screen, I do this about every week or whenever I am bored and have stems and my grinder.
  20. Before my bro took my grinder I kept a dime in there along with the metal triangle to scrape it all into a ball to make getting bud out of their easier. After I would grind my bud I would shake my grinder a couple times and I got a ton of kief buildup.

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