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Pennsylvania pick-up's: A Blazer on a budget

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MrBananagrabber, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow blades. I've decided to start the thread as a journal for my weed pick-ups while I am unemployed and can only afford Mids. But this is also a study on me having to buy weed for new sources, as my current dealer has health troubles.

    So I decided I'd try to buy the best of Mids I could find, and share them with you. By Price, by High, by weight, and an over all rating.
    More posts will come in following days! Thanks for reading, feedback on my intrepid journey of joblessness and new-source-pick-up's are welcome.

    BUD: 6/10
    This pickup, the first of my thread is an 8th some Pretty nice Mids. I apologize for the pictures(only have my phone camera 5MP.) The buds is a lighter green with some pretty decent hairs on it. It looks as though it wasn't cured to the best quality, but it's honestly not bad.

    High: 7/10
    I've smoked a bowl with a few friends on the way back from the dealer. Small bowl, and three heads on it. Got back to the house and smoked a Gas-mask with the one remaining friend and am honestly ripped. As even though these aren't the best, it's been a rough time in the area(and my regular dealer is in the hospital) and they are the best 'lately'

    Price& Overall impression: 7/10:
    I shelled out $30 for this 8th. $5 more than just the reg mids I'd get from my steady source. In my opinion this was a good pick-up from a friend of a friend, nahm' sayin'? The most important tests in my opinion is
    Did it weigh up? Yes.
    Does it look good? Yes.
    Are you high? Yes.
    Well that's it for now! Feed back appreciated. :smoke:

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  2. shit trim them things man. ive only ever bought mids twice and they were never leafy. but if you trim em and let it jar cure for a little bit id bet you have a decent smoke on your hands
  3. scrumptious herbs, i love some good mids.

    nothing like some sweet tasting, smooth smoking, adequately cultivated organic outdoor flowers
  4. Thanks guys! I will have to consider curing them up. They are denser than they seem, but viably not trimmed the best. I'll either roll with it or do as you suggested.
  5. just save a nug or 2 if you cant go without. that way you have a little treat in a month or 2
  6. #6 MrBananagrabber, Nov 29, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 29, 2011
    Hey there blades picked up a 20 sack off a dude today. Pretty nice. Just one dense bud. Weighed up and bowl packed Imma be hiiigh here in a minute. Take a look and keep tokin' bro's!:smoke::wave:

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  7. appreciate your pics op thanks.

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