Pennsylvania Medicinal Legalization?

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  1. Pennsylvania was one of the seven states that were to vote for medical cannabis, but I can only find information on Massachussets. Does anyone know what happened like if the vote passed or not?
  2. From the source I found through google, PA is still pending along with New York, Illinois and Ohio.

    My mind would be pretty blown if it went through here though, PA can be such a stick in the mud.
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  4. It did not go anywhere it is just sitting in a stack through the bills they need to revisit.

    That was roughly 18 months ago; PA is an old state it will convert if the states around it convert.

  5. Don't bank on that. Pennsylvania is as out dated as it's roads and crooked politics.
  6. I think it'll come around within 5 years.
  7. Pa is always the last one on the bus.
  8. We are 1 of 2 commonwealth's....ill be very surprised if it ever happens here
  9. Yea not gonna happen anytime soon cuz...hoping for it tho
  10. Well the major cities like Philly and Pittsburgh should at least decriminalize like Chicago and NYC are trying to do.
  11. Well unfortunately you cannot decriminalize it for just two cities since it still violates federal law, its either the whole state or none of the state
  12. What are you trying to say here?

    Everywhere in the U.S. marijuana is a violation of federal law, even if it's decriminalized or legal based on state laws.

    Also, Chicago is decriminalized, but it's a misdemeanor in Illinois for possession of 2.5 g's or less, so it doesn't have to be the whole state. :confused_2:
  13. What I'm saying is that because the voting for the bills is state wide, it would take effect for the whole state. Once the bill is passed, the states have the right to determine "where and when" it is legal based on the 10th amendment, although still a violation of federal law.

    Before it became a misdemeanor vs felony in Chicago, it was a felony everywhere in Illinois. Once the bill passed, they were able to regulate it in such a manor that it be considered a misdemeanor in Chicago
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    It should be mentioned that in Philadelphia cannabis is already decriminalized for small amounts posessed.

    For PA medical cannabis news, info etc. see Pennsylvanians For Medical Marijuana

    And as another poster mentioned the PA House and Senate bills are currently just sitting in a stack somewhere. They will not be voted on unless other states around PA vote for medical/legal status. PA is not very well known for setting precedents.
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  17. No. It never was a felony. You're missing the point. It's not even a misdemeanor in Chicago
  18. Oh, the common wealth...I see PA definitely being one of the latter states to legalize.
  19. I'm praying for this one, I just have no clue what's going to happen though

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