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Pennsylvania- Contaminated THC Gummies!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Storm Crow, Feb 28, 2023.

  1. Frankly, I won't touch the Delta 8 products. The laws on making it are weak to non-existent, and a lot of people are too dang greedy for OUR good! And then, stuff like THIS happens!

    Fentanyl found in THC gummies sold in 3 Montgomery County smoke shops, DA warns
    “If you have bought any of these items from any of these stores please do not eat them,” Steele said.

    Law enforcement in Montgomery County warned the public on Feb 24 that THC gummies sold in three locations of Tobacco Hut stores contained illicit substances including fentanylAbraham Gutman
    Updated on Feb 24, 2023, 6:54 p.m. ET

    THC gummy candies sold in three smoke shops in Montgomery County tested positive for illicit heroin and fentanyl, a powerful and dangerous synthetic opioid, law enforcement officials said Friday.

    Authorities warned of the risk of opioids in gummies from multiple brands, including Strictly Delta, Urb Extrax, and Packwoods Coned, that are sold in Tobacco Hut locations in Hatfield, Montgomeryville, and Blue Bell. The investigation was prompted by two nonfatal opioid overdoses over the past month in which the victims told law enforcement they consumed only gummies sold from a Tobacco Hut that they believed contained Delta-8 THC or CBD, authorities said.
    The investigation into the stores is ongoing, but Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said he wanted to let people know to take precautions.

    “If you have bought any of these items from any of these stores please do not eat them,” Steele said. (snipped)

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  2. I don't get it, why would anyone go to the expense of putting heroin and fentanyl in some gummies but not others? Something doesn't add up.
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  3. Addiction.

  4. Thank you Granny
    It was inevitable
    We need to focus on laws allowing us to grow our own

    I can filter out most contaminants but I don't think I can scrub that
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  5. Ok yikes... I'm from Pennsylvania.
    I have never bought any Delta 8 products at smoke shops, actually didn't even know til recently that they sold thc products in PA bc recreational is still illegal here. Recently I went to my gas station convenience store and saw thc Vapes for sale. Almost bought one but it was too expensive. I'm probably gonna give that a miss. I'm on the medical program so the only weed I buy in PA now is the medical kind, which should be safe...I hope?
    PA is so bass-ackwards anyway, some shmuck probably decided to sell contaminated weed to scare the governor out of legalizing recreational lol. Typical.
    HEROIN? I never touched that stuff once! Don't want to either! I like to feel good but I don't want to die like I heard ppl can die on that stuff lol.
    As always, thanks for the info, Granny!!!

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