Penn nails self hating white on Larry King

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  1. [ame=] - Penn Jillette Questions Seth MacFarlane's Views of the Tea Party on the Larry King Show[/ame]

    Just thought I'd post this as the classic example of a self hating white. Penn exposes her with simple, rational logic.
  2. Ouch.

    I love Penn Jillette, he is one of my top 5 favorite atheists if this era.

    He can run intellectual circles around a lot of folks out there, and yet the guy attended clown college.
  3. Good video. You're on a role, Drone :)
  4. Dronetek, I challenge you (or anyone else really) to find me one quote about 'self hate' or 'white guilt' or anything else said by anyone at any point in this entire video.

    If you can't, then I'm inclined to say that you've really fucked up with the title... :cool:
  5. It's implicit. That's the point.
  6. Not really. I mean, by saying she's self hating and a shameless racism apolegist then you're obviously implying she's a bad person and you don't agree with her that the Tea Party has elements of racism. It's her against you and your opinions. She seems to be heavily sympathetic towards blacks, Indians, Hispanics and other minorities. Your opposition to her opinion and dismissal of her judgement that the Tea Party is racist is, by proxy, in opposition to those that her sympathies extend towards - who her agenda promotes the wellbeing of.

    But all that's bullshit, racism is all too often used as an insane trick card. The woman was the first to evoke the spectre of racism, and stupidly so. The Tea Party is far more classist than racist - the Tea Party would love to have more black people, but not many of them are that rich and pompous. So she's to blame in this entire scenario, in my opinion.

    That said, I think the title is just as ridiculous. How can you tell if she hates herself? That's like saying she loves herself - how the hell do you tell if she loves herself? You can find implications and 'logical conclusions' in her opinions, but that has nothing to do with whether she HATES herself or not. She certainly didn't appear to be a self-loathing freak distressed at her pale whiteness, she looked quite confident and rather 'establishment' to me. That's just my impressions of her though, and they don't impact the fact that the video is a grossly inadequete mechanism to declare her 'self hatred' as though it were something you can just fucking scope out and diagnose.

    My final note is that I'm extremely high after enjoying a few of the most sticky, crystally, pungent buds I've ever seen/smelt/smoked. My fortune is quite fortunate in getting such good quality bud due to the shitness of general weed quality when one lives in the middle of nowhere, and this is what I take it people in California with wonderful medicinal cannabis take for granted. So smoke up you bastards while I enjoy my rare triumph of fortune :smoke:

  7. She was accusing people of racism based on nothing more than the color of their skin, which penn nailed her on. Otherwise, what were he accusations based on?
  8. Your title says 'self hating white'. Demonstrate that she hates herself.
  9. No, I mean she has racist views of other whites in order to prove how non-racist she is. How else can you explain her completely racist reason for calling tea party people racist Imagine she was talking about a gathering of blacks. Penn was just as perplexed as I am when he asks her, "are they racist because of the color of their skin?".

    By the way, another thing about seth. He claims "60% wanted a public option". That is complete shit. He just made that up.
  10. Nailed it in the bold. She made the dick move, it's not a racist movement - it's a classist one. Once again though, to claim she's 'self-hating' is outlandishly sensationalistic, there's no need to slander people to make the point.

  11. White people who go Salem witch trial on other whites (with no evidence other than the color of their skin) is self hating in my opinion.
  12. I hate to be a pragmatist, but... isn't that racist? Saying that whites shouldn't tread on other whites because they're white? You should be loyal to other white people and not use them as a platform to success because they're white? Who do you use as a platform to success, if not rich white people? Who do you tread on to get ahead, if not by 'betraying' rich whites? Nobody?

    Anyhow, that's not the point. Point is, the Tea Party is classist and only racist by vague proxy. She's just using racism, as you've said, as a cheap little trick to create controversy and draw it from herself with a condemning accusation of racism. She's not a good or wise person.
  13. Everyone has ulterior motives.
  14. I didn't say any such thing. :rolleyes:

    Reading comprehension, try again.
  15. Penn Jillette is the coolest. :cool:
  16. You did say such a thing, observe -

    People dobbed in their neighbours, enemies and generally other people in order to advance somehow during the Salem Witch trials. She's dobbing in other rich white people as racist 'witches', and by her dobbing in fellow rich whites is her demonstrating self hate. This kind of viewpoint is fundamentally racist and collectivist, both to varying degrees, for assuming that she thinks race is so important and significant that it's immoral to dob other rich white people in for 'racism'. She's doing it to propel herself, not because she hates herself...
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    No, I said any white person who accuses other whites of being racist based on nothing more than the color of their skin. That is by definition, a racist point of view since its not based on anything other than skin. Shes doing it in order to prove her non-racist credentials. In America, you have to prove you're not a racist. Some whites do that by constantly pointing the finger at other whites. A lot of this is based on the fact they are raised to believe whites are the source of all evil in the world.

    Out of curiosity, are you american? I'm guessing not. You don't seem to quite understand the racial dynamics that exist in this country.
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    Out of curiosity, do you?
  19. In a sense, yes - my Dad's side of the family have lived in Comancheria for hundreds of years. I wasn't born in America, have never lived in America and have visited America once. So I don't consider myself American, but I have roots in America.

    I know, I've fully conceeded that she's an idiot and a greedy, selfish person treading all over people by denouncing them as racist. That's it though, she's not self hating, a racial traitor or anything else. She's just a dimwit looking for an easy way to insult her opposition, and falsely too, for reasons I've given millions of times.
  20. I believe the state has constructed a narrative which they push through public education and media that instills a sense of white guilt in white Americans. For example, the Civil War is tought as a war of abolition, slavery is seen as a social construct and not economic, the peaceful abolition of slavery elsewhere in the world is not considered...

    And now they do this Diversity Awareness Week at schools that divides us all into racial groups and makes everyone learn about the horrors of white on _____ hate crimes.

    Not that it isn't all true, but that they emphasize the white devil. Shakakaaa!

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