Penis too large, need advice please!

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  1. Ok blades I have an Issue. My penis is way to large. Before I tell you my sob story let me say that no I am not trying to show off, Im not trying to gain confidence or any bullshit like that. Im being serious right meow.

    My penis' size is in the double digits, most men would consider this a blessing right? NO! I hate it and wish I was smaller, I would be much happier with like 5". People stare at my bulge wherever I go unless Im wearing baggy pants (I hate baggy pants) but the real issue is finding a girl to date. Im 20 and havent been able to find a good girl to have a relationship with.

    Once a girl finds out my size they get scared of it and cant have sex with me or date me. When I do have sex I usually cant fit, when I do it isnt pleasurable because I cant go all the way to the hilt and its painful for the girl.

    The girls I meet that WANT to mate with me and date, are Immense emotionless succubi (not saying all women who like a penis this size are like that, just the ones I've met). I hate my penis so much, its ruining my life and scaring off the women I want to be with.

    So please blades, advise me! Men and/or women, Im sure some of you have some personal experience or some awesome advise. Thank you, may the city be with you.
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  2. Date fat chicks. Ive heard their vaginas are like black holes.
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  3. wrap it around your leg

  4. This maybe a pretty in the face fat lass.
  5. [ame=]OH GOOOOOOOD FOR YOU. - YouTube[/ame]
  6. hahaha well Im fairly shallow (I know im a terrible person) and Im not attracted to fat women at all. Although I did bang out a fat black chick when I was younger. Older brother got me really high and drunk so he could hook up with her hot friend. I just went with it.
    I may be shallow but Ill jump on 500 pound bombs all day for a good friend.
  7. lmao dick too big, this happened to my cousin. I think this is a very good problem to have. Seriously calm down having a big dick is nothing to drive girls away haha.
  8. [quote name='"fuckthecops"']pics?[/quote]

    You stop that
  9. Pay for ass dude , I don't like ginormous ones. Who can a girl date after you? Nobody , lol Sorry
  10. do porn?
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  11. C'mon man, you're doing a LOT of assuming here. Walk a mile in his shoes, and THEN judge. Not so sure it's THAT good of a problem when only 5% of women out there can handle it pleasurably. It's hard enough finding a match, much less a soul-mate when you HAVE access to the other 95%. (and yes, IMHO, sexual compatibility is as critical as physical or emotional compatibility)

    OP, I'm not really sure what to offer you here, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are forums dedicated to handling "issues" like yours, and women (i mean REAL women) out there looking for exactly what you've got.

    Not so sure I would even recommend surgery even if it was an option (yikes!), but that may also be something for you to consider.

    Good luck.
  12. HAHA, yeah, because we all know there's no "Immense emotionless succubi" to be found in that industry...:D
  13. call up porn agencies if they're looking for a dick to hire ?


  14. fat floppy donkey dick for tags, yeah.. and he's doing too much assuming. :smoke:
  15. gah I couldnt do porn. I heard porn makes you emotionless towards sex. I want to enjoy it before I hate it.

    I dont want to pay for sex either, I've heard people with my problem get charged extra :(

    Ive tried looking up forums but the only ones I found where guys showing off their junk to other guys...

    and as for the tags thats what my friends call me. I am not proportionate to a donkey.
  16. You sound like a troll. What answer are you expecting to hear? Cut part of it off?

    Best advice besides fat girls is woman that have had babies? hahaha
  17. Im just reaching out for help. Mabye advice for relationships.. Mabye tips or tricks to make sex easier/more enjoyable. Im 20 and as much as I would like to believe so, I dont know much.

    I dont know, Im sorry <8/
  18. Just get a butter knife and slice at the desired length.

    Trust me, I've done it before.

  19. Ever thought about taking part in the BME Pain Olympics?

    If you do it, you'll get all the bitches.

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