Pellet guns?

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  1. Do any of you have/ have ever owner a pellet, bb gun? If so what was it?
    I'm looking into buying a pellet pistol for small game hunting.
  2. Is this topic allowed? I would like to discuss air rifles as well, but I am not too clear on the rules. Air Rifles are technically firearms.
  3. I have a crossman 760 pumpmaster, got it at store fo 30.00 works great shoots accurate. Your able to shoot pellets and bb's.Good for small game ( rabbits, birds,sqrurrel)
  4. Me too, I see that knives are discussed, and they are deadly, most air guns aren't...
  5. It's fine.

    I currently own a Red Rider (who doesn't?) but would love something slightly higher in power for some trigger time away from the range.
  6. Ive got a Daisy 105 Buck, not quite as nice as a Red Rider... :smoke: I've got a Crossman pumpmaster 760, and a Gamo Hunter sport. If you want something better than a Red Rider I highly recommend a pumpmaster 760. :smoke:
  7. if your trying to hunt small game it wouldnt be too smart to get a pellet gun! u gotta have a sick ass shot to shoot small game with a pellet gun. just go buy a shotgun and u can go small game hunting.
  8. What if you're in city limits? What if you are not able to own a shotgun? If you are a good shot you can get a squirrel with a pellet gun.
  9. if ur in a city limit then u still cant take out a pellet gun and run around and shoot squirrels!
  10. I can here in Colorado. As long as I have my small game license, I can shoot a squirrel in city limits with a pellet gun.
  11. oh i never knew that. Do u still have to be at least a certain distance away from somebody's house?
  12. i have one of the single shot break barrel rifles thats supposed to shot around 1000fps. i cant remember the brand but they're around $100. If you have it sighted in right youll have no problem killing rabbits 50-75 yards away, if your a decent shot that is.
  13. I have some black crossman air rifle I bought at crappy tire in Canada. It shoots those pointy pellets. Went right though my little brothers leg when we played gun tag
  14. I have this in .22, doesn't get much use though. Webley Tomahawk :)

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  15. ^^nice rifle. how much did it run ya?
  16. I'm not 100% sure, had it years. I think it was around $400.
  17. A good thing about using air guns for small game is that when you shoot it doesn't spook everything away...
  18. We've had like a billion Daisy pellet guns, not really a fan. My moms bf wants to get us a 22 rifle but we'd probably only use it like once or twice a year to kill woodchucks.
  19. I go hunting with my family mini gun
  20. ive owned BB pistols. not much of a range.
    you can kill birds sittin on trees. lol.

    there illegal in NYC as you can get time for it but hey whatever.
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