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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BluntMan, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. i was dropping my friend off at his house after a long night of partying and as i was backing down his rivway i ran right into a tree hard enough to bypass the bumper and busting the hell out of my spoiler on my 91 mustang it looks like a shark took a nice bite out of the back of my car stupid shit
  2. no offense man, but i don't think that happened because your car is a piece of shit. ANY car would look like that after what you put it through, blame yourself not the car.

    i hope after that you realized you weren't good enough to drive, and won't be doing that again?

    be glad it was just your spoiler, and not YOUR ass, or even worse, someone ELSE's ass.
  3. "ANY car would look like that after what you put it through"

    what are you talking about nothing happened when i went into the ditch and what are you talking about when you say you dont think it happened?
  4. "ANY car would look like that after what you put it through"

    what are you talking about nothing happened when i went into the ditch and what are you talking about when you say you dont think it happened? you act as if you know what my car looks like but whatever you go ahead and act like you know what happened
  5. gee, how about you dont drive drunk and catch any more air with your car.. thats what i id do. that kinda shit is best reserved for rentals with full ensurance :D
  6. i learned the lesson with the air thing and i wasnt drunk damn this has gotten alot more complicated than i thought
  7. that's kinda real shitty man..

  8. damn, you can party without drinking?
    ::blank stare::

    i never knew that :)
  9. lol @ phunkyphil hehehe
    yes, there is partying without drinking...

    and BluntMan, dude, you don't make any sense. i'm saying, if you backed your car into a tree hella hard, ANY car would have recieved extensive damage like that, that's what i meant. you can't blame the car, it's your own fault ya hit the tree(the tree didn't hit YOU, right?!)...

    you're right, i don't know what happened or what your car looks like except for the description you gave above, which was vague in the first place. i'm not trying to act like i know shit, just trying to give advice where apparently it isn't wanted.

    it just seems like you have awful bad luck driving while stoned(your other post about falling into the ditch) or after partying all night, you might want to steer clear if you want to keep your car, yanno?

    again, no offense dude, chill. i was just trying to say maybe wiser judgement in the future would prevent this kind of shit from happening, no dis intended.
  10. alright man sorry about that i just misundertstood what was being said and yea i know i just need to pay more attention when driving and cut down of driving while fucked up
    and sorry again
  11. Wanna talk about a piec of shit car? In my old jeep cherokee the heating was broken so I couldn't defrost the windows, oh well whatever. So off we go to buy some dope, and lo and behold here comes some glorious freezing rain. If you are unfamiliar with Eastern Canadian weather, this shit puts an instant coat of ice over everything it touches. In a car with defrost it wouldnt matter cause the windshield would be warm, but no my jeep has no heating. So I use the windshieild wiper fluid stuff and keep sparying it on my windshiel, because its got antifreeze in it so it takes the ice right off. But of course I run out of fluid. Luckily I'm right next to where im meeting my dealer so we jsut pull in and wait, in the mean time im using cd cases to scrape off my windshiel cause i didnt have a scraper. so we meet the dealer and off I go down the highway, looking out a couple of inches of space in the corner of my windshiel at the yellow line while my passenger does the same on his side. We travel a little ways and pull in to the fire station cause there is no way im driving like this. While im sitting there I look in the back and I find another thingy of fluid so i filled it up and off I went to smoke my dope.
  12. yeah my car doesn't even fucking run anymore, but i might be getting a trunk tomorrow to fuck with, its a little 2 wheel drive ford ranger, i might rebuild it if its worth it. my dad has a ranger so we know whut were doing with them, he thew a mustang engine in his to get some more power. Well my one car does run but someone lost the keys for it and it wasn't me, but it had the right doors smashed in by another car. So you can only get in the left side, runs the same though.
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