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Peer pressure?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tooooo godly, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. haha just a question answer honestly.. Was your first time due to peer pressure like your old ass health teacher bitches about everyday?

    mine kinda was, i always wanted to try some drugs but i didn't know if my friends would want to with me or anything.. so i started getting smashed with my cousin cuz he likes to drink and is older and let some stories slip. so finally my stoner friend came out and asked me to haha.. not really pressure because i didn't think twice before i did it.

    anyone else?
  2. I wouldn't call it pressure, but it probably can come with some anxiety which can feel like pressure. I'd really rather they refer to it as peer influence, because that's how it worked for me. My friends were doing it, so I wanted to do it too. No pressure involved at all.
  3. Not so much peer pressure. I always wanted to try smokin herb back in 7th grade lol and it jus so happend my buddy had a joint on him during PE class when everyone was outside runnin the mile. He asked if i wanted to light up and after explaining i didnt smoke, he asked if i was down.

    Anyways we snuck off behind this old shed away from our school and smoked that joint behind it lol, that was a hella interesting school day. People claim they dont get high they're first time...i sure as fuck did lol, but yeah wasnt peer pressure really
  4. When I was about 13 I discovered my dad's whiskey, and I drank that shit. At the time I didn't understand it, but I was drunk. Looking back on it, I was clearly drunk. First time I smoke pot, I didn't feel like I was high but my friend and I ended up stealing baguettes from the back door of a bakery and had a sword fight with them. I was obviously stoned. :)

    I think the first time, sometimes we don't realize what's happening and it feels normal, but I look back on my own experiences and I can see quite clearly that I was effected even when I came out of it feeling like I wasn't effected at the time.
  5. Not at all my first time was not peer pressure. I would NEVER be pressured into doing something I do not feel comfortable with.

    People who do crumble under pressure are weak in my opinion.

  6. yeah thats true. i remember feelin different and my thought patters was off my first time though. i remember not feelin "all there" lol as i described it
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    Seeing as it's very difficult to not have a friend/family member that smokes or has tried smoking weed, before turning 18 years old, I feel that eveyone is if not heavily influenced but peer pressured into smoking weed. Just like eating ice cream, if people didn't like eating it I would have never seen a reason to try it.
  8. Yeah dude, believe me. This shit is way different depending on who you are. I know people like me who got high the first time but didnt have a friend who was crazy enough to steal baguettes and make it so obvious. So they think they didnt get high. But I know no one who, upon the second time, didnt understand what it was to be high.

    Whether you know it or not on the first time, you learn what it means to be high. After you've learned what it means to be high, whether you felt like you got high the first time or not, you are high that second time because you brain recognizes what changed as a result of getting high the first time.
  9. I was at a party getting drunk, and I had been thinking a lot about it lately.

    I had this great friend who I knew liked to get high, and I always used to give him shit in middle-school about it, because I knew it seemed to have an effect on his school work.
    Well anyway, he was at da party!

    So I still agree teens need to stay off da grass..
    But he had at this point in our lives (I was 18, he was 19) become more or less a fine person in life, a stoner, but a great friend to have.

    (Sorry getting to the point)...

    So I researched pot, and found out that it had

    I thought how much I hated my dad for being an alcoholic..
    I could barely stand the morning after, for such a stupor of effects..
    I still don't understand such a horrid addiction, so destructive.

    So at the party, I offered him a ride home. I told him how I had thought about trying it..
    He offered to get me BLAZED! Haha, my first time was fucking excellent.

    We watched like 15 movies in an hour, with him fast forwarding to all the WTF funny parts.

    And now a little more than a year later, here I fucking am.
    I'd say my mind has been expanded for the better.

    Fortunately, my story has no peer pressure.
    So I get to shove that in the face of people who say that shit to me.

  10. was 14, bought it by myself from a hobo in the park, and smoked it by myself on the way to school.
    no peer pressure involved.

    that hobo fucking ripped me off though.
  11. I don't think so.
    I was with my older cousin and I love her to death.
    I would trust her with anything.

    She basically asked me if I had smoked before...I said yes.
    I hadn't, but I was really curious after all the stuff she told me.
    Her and her bf took one look at me and said:
    "You can try this, we're sure you'll like it, but don't you ever
    try something else, or we will kick your ass."

    Hahah so since then, when I see them, we kick it, drink, enjoy
    the herb. They love my stuff. And I have still stayed away from
    other drugs.
  12. my first time i was like 15. I was hanging out with one of my best bros were he had a job in the kitchen. One of like the local guys everyone loves hes like famuse for doing drugs and all the crazy shit hes done. He comes in we standing around drinking (thats how conected at this place i was). i only had like 2 irish car bombs goes u guys wanna smoke? we end up around back smoking outa a coke can when we were done i didnt feel shit but as i started to walk home BAMB i knew i wanted to be a stoner

  13. yeah true that
  14. Putting pressure on someone is convincing them to do something bad, and we all know that asking someone if they want to try weed is by no means putting pressure on them...All of that is a bunch of bullshit.
  15. it was a choice i made
  16. Word.

    My first time I wanted to do it. No one really pressured me to do anything.
  17. My step-brother and his friend kept peer-pressuring me for half a year and I kept declining because it was annoying as fuck.
    So then I finally try it after the 52254 time being asked.

    I never peer-pressure ANYONE. If they don't want to smoke, fine more for me.

    I always use this line to everyone I try to get smoking with me:

    Me: Hey wanna smoke some Weed?
    Them: Naw I'm cool.
    Me: You could be cooler.
    While holding the blunt out. Hahaha
    I joke with everyone like that.
  18. My first time was the night I drank alcohol for the first time as well. If it hadn't been for the alcohol I bet I wouldn't have smoked but I had been thinking about doing it anyway, and was definitely pretty interested.

    It wasn't really peer pressure at all though, I just grabbed the joint from my friends girlfriend while they were making out and hit it lol. I said, "Taste's like plants!" lol. After that I knew i wanted to try it for real, and yeah.

  19. i sought it out. i was curious bought some on my own (at the time rode my bike to a place i knew where it was at) and smoked it haha never looked back!
  20. I asked my friend/neighbor if I could try it.

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