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  1. I've been smoking weed for 4 years but I never smoke cigarettes. Every time I go chill at a friends house and smoke weed the first thing my friends do after we kill the green is pull out a cig. I don't mind the smoke (a part of me finds it appealing) but despite my friends' insistence that they enhance the weed high, I always turn down a cigarette when my friends offer me one because i know how unhealthy they are. Now I'm not a particularly healthy person, in fact I'm extremely lazy due mostly to the pot, so lately i've been wondering whether i should give cigarettes a try. I don't plan on living to be a hundred, and i have a severe anxiety disorder that i take meds for, so if cig smoke really relaxes you i don't see why i shouldn't smoke them. Well their is the money issue. But they're are latent social benefits to being a cigarette smoker. I'm a college student so there are designated areas on campus for smokers and people who hang out their have developed good reports with each other. Sort of like how they say misery loves company. since smoking has gone practically underground due to the crazy amount of negativity people associate with it (and the current national obssession with health and life longevity) it's a great way to meet and bond with other people.

    So where do you stand on the cigarette issue? Do you smoke? Wish you could quit? Fucking hate non smokers? Best part of your day the first cig in the morning? Does it really enhance a weed high? Is it just as sweet while sober? Are some brands better than others or are cigaretee companies literally the antichrist? I need to know. (BTW sorry if this has been discussed before, i don't typically take these issues to the net) Any and all input apreciated.

    neat ;)
  2. i dont smoke but wish i did so i could have a reason to walk around with my zippo all day
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    Marlb 27's, Marlb reds (da cowboy killers), marl smooth for you menthol fans out there... Marlb lights, camel crush (cool fucking cig), camel filters, annnd pariliaments for you rich smokers.

    Those are the basic cigs that I myself enjoy... I never stick to one kind of cig, I like to get a new pack every time... Just whatever I'm feeling ya know.

    I'm obviously a smoker, and have been for a couple years now... I can definitely tell a difference in my physical activities... Like when I was playing basketball yesterday (I haven't really worked out in fucking months) I was definitely the first one to say alright fuck this, and went to get a glass of water and a cig lol.

    I'm a smoker through and through and I do love my tobacco... So, yes right now I'm happy that I'm a smoker... But along with being a constant smoker comes the coughs and the occasional hacking up some shit in the back of your throat...

    It's bitter sweet. And yes, a menthol definitely does increase the weed high.

    BTW - Do you know the differences in writing there, their, and they're? I guess it's my pet peeve.. I wasn't going to say anything but you said you're a college student... Fuck sakes man get at least the they'RE right...
  4. i used to smoke because of the peer pressure thing. i didnt like them that much to begin with but i got addicted and started buying packs somewhat regularly. the social thing was nice, i know what your talking about. but in the end i just decided it really wasnt worth it. i just quit and told my friends not to let me smoke or bum me any cigs. im happy with my decision because i feel alot healthier day to day, the coughing up shit stopped.
    i dont like cigs personally, but i know why people smoke them. its a chocie thing, i dont care if people smoke, all my friends do. if im drunk enough ill have some drags but that doesnt happen too often.
    if you like it, you like it:wave:
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    i smoke and i gotta say cigarettes do enhance my high, and they're still great when sober...
    but that's cuz i already smoke. you don't. they really aren't good until you feel you need them.
    if you want to, try it. there's nothing wrong with trying something, just try not to get addicted.

    btw if you stay active and smoke then it should be easier when you do something physical. you'll still most likely be out of breath but not as bad if you never do anything active. i love boxing, and i usually win by outlasting people. smokers can still kick ass!
  6. Don't start. It's a very hard habit to break; most people never manage to quit who try. I stopped when I met my wife 12 years ago. I enjoy a cigar (and I don't inhale them) once a month or so. I appreciate quality tobacco, but regular nicotine use to the point of addiction is NOT worth the long term health effects.
  7. Sure, they make your high a little better. They help you relax when your stressed. They are awesome after sex or an awesome meal. But I'll be damned if that wasn't the HARDEST habit to kick. Expensive too, depending on how much you smoke. I damn near throw up when I walk into my parents house. Their apartment REEKS! And my mom cleans like a maniac, but she's always got a ciggy in her mouth :(. Hope that helps a little.
  8. I get less and less surprised when college students (from my university and others) make the most grade school grammar mistakes. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle, as a grammar nazi. :mad:

    It is an interesting subject from a non-smokers POV. I recently quit, I was introduced to cigarettes the same way you are coming across them: I had a lot of stoner friends and every single one of them would always spark up a jig after a session, not to mention whenever we were drinking. Certain things go together- cannabis and tobacco, and alcohol and tobacco, are definitely two of them.

    Honestly it isn't worth it in my opinion. If you are sober and looking to break into a group of people that chill outside and take smoke breaks, you'll realize it isn't all it's cracked up to be since you're a non-smoker. It'll probably taste harsh, give you a light-headed feeling, and leave you with a bad feeling in your stomach and lungs. At the same time, an occasional cigarette after a bowl really does set it off and for some reason never tastes quite as bad as it normally would. Same thing with smoking one after you've put back a decent amount of alcohol, it is smoother and really does add to your buzz.

    With all that said, if you do decide to try out cigarettes (if you have good will power then it isn't that dangerous really) I recommend you start with Marlboro 27's or Parliament Lights. They're on the weaker end of the spectrum. Also, check out Bailey's or other all-natural cigarettes if you're worried about how nasty they really are.
  9. i feel like butts make the high better.
    i have anxiety issues so i get paranoid when i smoke weed but the past couple of times i have smoked a butt right after, and it seems to smooth it all out though.
    i myself, resist addiction really well. the only thing i cant kick is biting my nails.been doing it since i was 3, cause my dad did.
    im not addicted, nor do i feel worse because of smoking.
    i dont really see an effect, but then again, i maybe smoke 2 a week.
    IMO it makes the high feel smoother

    thats just my 1.83995yen :smoke:
  10. well second hand smoke is worse right?

    thats what they taught me in school :)

    but yeah go for it then if your gunna be around it anyways

    and you wont get addicted to tobacco cause apparently that takes awhile...

    its really easy to just be a 2-3 a day average... (average being key meaning...maybe 6-10 one night if your drinking...but then not again till you go out to a party)
  11. I smoke, I don't plan on quitting, although this decision should be your own, don't let other people pressure you into smoking.

    I smoked Newports up until recently, I smoke Marb Menthols now due to prices (Newports are $6.75 a pack here, Marb Menthols are $4.80...)
  12. I think it is very strange that you are weighing the positives and negatives of ciggarette smoking.

    Sure you may meet new people in the smoker area but the negtives extremley outweigh the positives. You're going to be leaving in the middle of lectures just so you can smoke a ciggarette.

    AND I'm not sure how it is at you're campus, but all of the girls in the smokers area are the girls you DON'T want to be with.

    Seriously around here the smokers area has junkies, nasty girls, and other things....
  13. Sure cigs give a little buzz at first, but that shit goes away. I smoked for 10 years, and have not smoked a cig in 3 years. Do not start that shit. it is cool at first but you end up smoking cause you need them after awhile. It always always starts off with one day, a couple a day. Next thing you know it is a pack maybe two a day.
  14. If you think that you can handle smoking ciggs than go right ahead. It is possible to not get addicted to cigarettes. I usually will only smoke one if I'm around some friends who'll let me bum one, but other than that I never touch them. They just aren't that great to me, just a nice thing every once in awhile meaning like 1 or 2 weeks. Just be careful and know your body, especially if you start feeling like you need them. Moderation is the key with anything.
  15. Ugh, don't smoke. DOn't start. Nicotine is one of the worst addicting chemicals out there, and if you start smoking just to be with your "friends" then they aren't very good friends.

    You wouldn't play russian roulette just to be one of the "cool" guys now would you?

    'Cause that's basically what you're doing with cigarettes.

    They will KILL YOU. Maybe not right away, but if you start you'll have a very hard time quitting.

  16. once in a while i'll have a cig when i'm high. i had one for the first time in months yesterday. it does give you a buzz and enhances your high a bit but its nothing to get excited about
  17. Don't start. Seriously. Quitting is so hard.

    Cigarrettes are not "relaxing". The reason why people say it relaxes them is because they are addicted. If you are fiending for something, and you get it, yes it will relax you because you've fed the addiction. There's nothing relaxing about addiction. When you can't have one, it's all you think about.
  18. Cigarettes are more addictive than heroin, and trust me you don't want to start. They are in my opinion one of the most unhealthy thing you can do once it becomes a habit. My lungs hate me, and I'm currently trying to quit right now.
  19. I wouldn't call myself a Cig smoker, but there are times when I'm drunk or on adderall when I just feel the NEED for a cig... shit intensivies stimulates and alcohol sooo much.

    Other than that, I'm not really a fan.
  20. fuck cigarettes, cigars ftw. more fancy and better quality.

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