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peep this shiiet

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by D--TRUkTIVE, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. here peep this rap

    dont be confused by my red eyes
    i'm no demon poof suprise suprise
    i transform into thegrey angel of bliss
    wit perp in my sacs and herb in my piss
    up above me floats a halo of haze
    when it gets faint i grab a blunt and blaze
    sparkin' like an arsonist
    ain't no stopping once i've started this
    cause i don't get used and abused
    nah see i get dazed and confused
    as my lungs blacken
    whenever i'm attackin
    the green - buds and leaves
    like abracadabra i release
    a sack out my sleeves
    smokin like a steam engine
    so many pounds of bud i should be bench pressin
    but i'd rather exercise my lungs
    get myself faded and stunned
    an i've only just begun
    if it's right to be pure i plan to stay wrong
    cause when i show up i bring joy like e-bomb
    i'll use a pipe, blunt, or a bong
    this that and or eitha
    i uas em all to smoke the reefa
    try to open a door wit' coins buy a brew wit keys
    ask me if i'm okay... nigga please
    i'm gone like the invisable man
    lightin'blunts so much i gave myself a tan

    -a D-$TRUkTIVE original-
  2. feedback would be appreciated
  3. nice, i'm not much into rap anymore right now i'm into heavy medal and punk, the closest i get to rap is insane clown posse and twiztid. But that isn't too bad for something i don't like... yup.
  4. It was good, for a kid who rides the bus ;)

  5. haha! :)
  6. what u talkin about cheezer, that's all we used to do in the back of the bus, freestyle and trade writtens
  7. WEAK SAUCE!!!!!!

  8. I'll have a fuckin car in march and you can damn sure believe I would have one already if I wasn't such a piece of shit kid ;)
  9. KRIMINALELUMENT u say mines mild then put down some hot sauce to show what it supposed to be like boy
  10. Lo and Hi not found

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