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  1. Sup. If you dont know... i got 2, a blueberry clone that came to me and almost died... im still bringin it back to life... and i got 1 bagseed plant that i got growin and said i would FIM it... peep the pics.

    Pic 1: Side view of the LST work on the BB clone, 2 weeks ago every leaf was yellow and dying, and the plant was much smaller.
    Pic 2: Topish view of the BB clone
    Pic 3: Top view of my precious bagseed plant that i dont even know if its male or female yet.
    Pic 4: view of the FIM that took place, i dunno... does that growth up top look normal after a cut?
    Pic 5: Another side view of the unknown kind.

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  2. looks like they are coming along pretty nicely DR
  3. Yeah, im bout to transplant both of em into bigger pots and let em veg for a couple more weeks, then flower them bitches :) watch for random updates lol
  4. ahh, man. the transplanting is much more important than you're treating it. they have already way outgrown those pots. both of those need to be transplanted as soon as possible. you're going to be surprised when you see how many roots are down there. you're slowing them down a lot by restricting them like that. let the soil dry out, transplant, then give them a nice watering and within 2 days you should see them settle in and have a lot more new growth.
  5. Heya, Diamond Rasta, how come that BB clone looks so lanky? Is BB a sativa-dominant strain?

    Anyways, your FIM attempt looks good so far. If you can see the new growth, you should be able to tell if you FIM'd or topped it. I missed on my first attempt and ended up stunting my plants growth for two new, wimpy sprouts. -_-; I now see why FIM'ing is an advanced technique and why LST is the preferred way to increase yields on this forum. Nevertheless, I tried it again on my LST'd plant, but this time I used common sense and snipped one of the smaller sprouts instead of the main stem. In a day or two I'll know if I did it right...which leads me to a quick question for ya:

    How did you estimate where you should cut to leave enough for a successful FIM? I've seen pics on here that show whereabout you should clip the new growth, but in reality the plant is much, much smaller.

    Well, good luck on your grow. Curious to see if you get more than two new colas.
  6. GrandPewpil- Hey, well i have seen a lot of pictures and shit so i feel good about my FIM'in abilities. I took my right hand, and moved the 2 leaves away from the newest growth, then i kinda looked @ it, and tried to cut but leave enough there to where it looked good to me!? i dunno really man, we will see what happens with it.

    p.s.- i dunno why it looks lanky, here is a picture of it before it started dying... and then i brought it back to life and started some LST.


    TFH- Sup bro? Nah, i know transplantin is a big must for sure. I am kinda doing a micro grow, kinda. lol. I kept them in there current containers for as long as i thought possible, because im trying to keep them smaller. Not really hoping to yeild OZ's or nothing, just a hobby grow that i will get some free fuckin weed from when its over! I would be happy if i got a 1/2 out of BOTH plants. shit. but yeah, i will transplant them soon
  7. nice man i have about 20 plants right now...all about 1 and half old and have 15 more sprouting
  8. Man I miss this shit, watch for a sneaky garden grow soon!

    DR's coming back :)

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