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  1. Ok you guys, if you havent seen this show. I just had to let you in on it! I remember the first time i just saw a weird clip on youtube i had to find out what it was from and it was this show. Peep show!

    Its a british show, but imo better than anything ive seen there and up to the tops for shows in america too. You can watch full eps on youtube if you just search it.

    Its really quite a good show to watch high, you almost feel like you are the characters.
    So am i the only one to have seen it? Trust me when I say Its damn good.
  2. Peep Show is one of the most epic shows ever, british comedy ftw :p
  3. LINKS!!! I know you guys didnt really respond that well to my thread, but whos gonna open a show named peep show.. sounds like a low budget porn movie.

    hah but heres some awesome linkage you can watch the first 5 seasons on youtube. I been watchin them like crazy, all over again. give it a try and thank me when u decide its only the best fucking show in the world..

    All the episodes up:
  4. I stumbled across this show on BBC America and it was quite frankly one of the most hilarious and brilliant shows I have seen. I tell everyone I know about its genius and yes, at first they think I am speaking of some sort of low budget porn as poster above referenced.

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