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  1. Did anyone see the previous two episodes of Peep Show? They were bloody hilarious!

    If you do not know what Peep Show is, it is just pure comedic excellence. There have been six seasons, so go out and get watching (you can watch them on 4OD here in the uk i think). It doesn't really get extremely high ratings, which s surprising because it is pure genius, and won a bafta. And hit has the legend that is David Mitchell in it!

  2. American here, i actually just started watching this show a month or so ago. i've gone through the first two seasons (or series, whatever), and it's absolutely brilliant, easily the funniest British television i've ever seen (yes, funnier than monty python and funnier than The Office). very good show.

    ...actually i kind of dislike the british Office. as truly horrible as it is to say, i prefer the US version (although season four kind of sucked).
  3. Yes, it is way better than Python (shoot me). I have never seen the office, either version. How does the US office compare to Peep Show?
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    im british and i hate the office (uk version) and monty python so you know lol
    i think the american office is watchable, only because of steve carell mind
    but i have to say peep show is hilarious, its whole 'awkwardness' is brilliant
  5. Been watching it religously since I first discovered it during Season 3. Personally I think it's gone downhill, but the latest episode (S6E02) had me laughing my ass off.

    "You're trying to trick the boiler.."

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