Peep my siggy I know you guys will loves it!

Discussion in 'General' started by chronicman00, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. The bitch got owned and got a knee to the cooter!
  2. That is intense!
  3. buhahahaha
    that totally cracked ME UP MAN!!!!

    but the question is how the fuck he did not see that!!!
  4. hahahahaha.. wow thats hilarious

    kinda creepy how shes lookin right into the camera, looks like shes lookin at me dood..:smoking:
  5. i am cracking the fuck up
    you made me laugh the hardest i have all night

    lmfao not with the pic

    but with your comments lmfoamfaomfa
  6. Do you have the video of it?
  7. great sig

    def a keeper
  8. I guess some people can see the video and some see a pic. I see the video and the bitch gets nailed.
  9. I dont think she will ever give birth after that low blow
  10. Hahaha her poor vagina!

  11. yep same

    bitch got layed out
  12. I dont understand how he doesnt see her?
  13. maybe he was just focusing really hard on running and getting a good time or something i guess. it almost looks fake, but damn, shes kinda cute, i feel bad for her...poor babe got knocked the fuck out.
  14. he meant where did you get the gif from, do you have the origional vid it come from?
  15. Yeah I thought it was fake too but the guy in the back is to in sync with what is happening. imo

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