peep my girl 4/5 weeks flowering

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  1. [​IMG]

    rain and cloudy weather for the last 4 weeks.. she's stretchin a lil.. but i think she'll finish up nicely
  2. Baby brings a tear to my eye lol
    that thing is beautiful, props.
  3. Beautiful. Simply beautiful!
  4. oh yea! that looks real good homie!
  5. is it in the ground or in a pot? .. post ur soil mix and how big that pot is? :smoking:
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    its in a standard 12" pot.. there covered with burlap sacks.. you can kinda see it....
    i put her in the 12" pot with som MG organic soil for flowering..
    i got her as a present.. she was vegg'd on a drip system to indoors be4 i got her..

    but thanks everyone for the kind words:gc_rocks:

    edit.. shes also on a drip system outdoors.. can post pics if anyone wants..
  7. [quote name='mendoman']Beautiful. Simply beautiful![/QUOTE]

    All that needs to be said +rep:hello:
  8. [​IMG]
    my lil set up about a month ago
  9. Beautiful man.
  10. Very beautiful and nicely executed!!!!
  11. awsome dude, great work! im thinking about putting in a reservoir myself. plusrep
  12. just curious..are you bringing them for 12 hours to get them to flower...they look outdoor to me.
  13. its not the greatest drip system but it works.... the only thing i would change is bigger res size and somthign with a lid on it ... to keep the leaves and stick's out..

    she is outdoors on natural light i think iam gettin about 14 hours of light a day now or somthign like that....
    she use to live in a grow room till she was gift'd to me and i stuck her outdoors..
    goin from 18+ hours of light a day to 14 made her flower already.....

    iam glad everyone thinks shes as nice as i do:hello:
  14. if you dont mind me asking where do you live? i didnt think an outdoor plant could be flowering this early without force flowering help.
  15. the small plant with nugs was from seed all outdoors...
    the big one was a clone that i put outside to flower...

    iam in tamaulipas mexico
  16. she's a beast!! i hope mine turn out like that! i have one that just sprouted 2 days ago. im a first timer, so if i got 2 buds off my plants, id be happy. when i get on up there in my grow, i will be lookin to guys like you for help. good luck man, i hope all works out rele well for you:smoking:
  17. She's absolutely gorgeous. That is all I have to say simply stunning.:hello:
    Blaze on :smoking:

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