Peeing high feels weird

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  1. I'll stand there for like 3 minutes and when it finally comes it feels uncomfortable. I mean sometimes I'll just start sneezing...
  2. That's kinda weird. I've never had an issue with pissing when im high
  3. hmm.. sometimes it takes a while to get it going but other than that i pee normally..
  4. Sometimes when im high and i pee it takes a while
  5. I have experienced this lol

  6. Just today I had to piss right after wake and bake.

    Takes like 30 seconds to summon it up cause I had to run outside first and it's chilly.

    As soon as I start to piss a sneeze comes out of NOWHERE, what's up with that?
  7. Have you ever smoked while taking a shit
  8. why would i want to do that?
  9. Lol just giving a terrible suggestion mate
  10. I did today
  11. You call that a challenge.

    Pissing with a boner.

  12. vr7KUExgR8r.jpg
  13. I thought that's what the shower was for.

  14. It's painful man.
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    It's weirder while tripping
  16. Thats called the clap bro!

    Boner pissing = shower.
  17. No in order to pee with a Boner you have to do this

  18. I dont wanna dip my dong in toilet water thanks.
  19. Just do it before poop and you got no worries
  20. What's pooping got to do w/ it?

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