Peeing cost me 1.33 today.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by budbudgoose, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Had to pee real bad while driving. Stopped at a Carl's jr.

    Customers only.

    So I ask for the cheapest item and got a spicy chicken sandwich then ran into the bathroom. I paid $1.33 to use the bathroom.

    Well at least I have food when I get munchies later.
  2. shoulda hit up mcdonalds
  3. When you gotta go, you gotta go.
  4. Shoulda just asked for a cup :smoke:
    they'd probably just give me a water cup. that ain't gonna hold all my piss.
  6. ya know what..
    stopping by carl's was a great idea. i'm medicated and got full on munchies.
  7. Muscle control :lol:
  8. $1.77 for a Spicy Chicken Sandwich there. Best fucking munchies :D
  9. you got ripped off
  10. Shoulda told them It's the bathroom or the lobby, your choice.
  11. Sounds like a jayz song.
  12. Carl's Jr. is the shit.
  13. I think pretty much every fast food resturant I've ever been in you encounter the bathrooms before you encounter the counter. You couldn't just go in there?
  14. LMFAO. That's gold. I'm still giggling.
  15. Carls jr is pretty damn good, I mean its not In N out but that double western cheeseburger is just the food of the gods when im stoned!!
  16. I just pee outside
  17. Props to you for following the rules. One time I was waiting for boy to sell me some at Mickie ds. Took a huge ass crap and didn't buy shit haha

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    Just to pee??? Fuck that, I would have just peed on the side of their building and drawn a middle finger with the stream
  19. peeing on the side of the building can cost me couple hundred dollars if I get caught. 
    i'd rather pay $1.33 and get a chicken sandwich AND bathroom key. and buying that chicken sandwich came in handy as I got too medicated to cook dinner.
  20. Should have fave it to a homeless person, or just piss on their bushes.

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