Pee came out like a pitchfork.

Discussion in 'General' started by Mamba Smoke!, May 10, 2010.

  1. Wtf?

    So I was taking a leak outside when I stared down at my pissed and notice the pee was in a pitchfork formation.

    Instead of a straight stream of pee it was a pitchfork!
    It was like 1/4th of an inch straight line streaming than it turn to a two way split and kept like that till I was done peeing.

    Any doctors out there?

  2. You just jerk off/have sex and do a bad job of cleaning up? Maybe you need to do a better job of cleaning yourself in the shower?
  3. I dont see how it came out in one stream and then split into two..

    Unless. . . . you know those single spider web strings thatll catch your face when youre walkin sometimes? you were pissin on one of those
  4. This. pitchfork stream the next morning is how I know I got laid while black out drunk.

  5. Are you experienced in this matter?
  6. I can't help but lmao when I read this post and then look at your username.

    Your penis is trying to tell you that it is a pitchfork. You can't really ask for medical advice here. It could be a number of reasons. Has it only happened once?

  7. The medical advice was a joke. I just wanted to share my experience :)
    And only once. And I did just fuck my GF but come on still...a pitchfork?
  8. That happened to me. I was at this girls house and went to take a piss after getting down to business... then the piss was like seperated in two streams. i missed the entire toilet and pissed on the side of the sink/ walls

    I didnt clean it up or tell her either...:cool:

  9. ROFL, if I knew how to rep I would lol.
  10. It's from fornicating

    You dirty sinner
  11. OK! The after-fuck piss hypothesis works if it is initially in 2 streams.. how the fuck does it break in mid air?

  12. Thats what the fuck I'm sayin!
  13. Shit happens to me after me an my girl get done fucking:)
    its not abnormal
  14. Welcome to puberty.
  15. Maybe you have a rifled pisser and the force of it coming out in a twisting motion forced the beam to split. That's the best explanation I can give you.
  16. either jizz or there was just like a random hair hanging over the hole

  17. if that were true...he'd either have a micro-penis or more hair than chubaca. :confused:
  18. You guys are missin it.. it split.. after it left his dick hole.. it was in one stream a quarter of the way down then split into 2 streams. FUCK!
  19. I should have taken a picture and posted it. Would you guys have been offended?
  20. Dude this happened to me, after i got done "fucking my girl" just admit it you guys were jacking off...

    And then my cock disintegrated. Call an ambulance right away.

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