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  1. Woke up to this! Is this apart of the root sticking up? Should I cover so it doesn't dry out? Or will it grow up and turn out to be the top of the plant?

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    You might have planted it upside down after germination.

    Thats definitely a tap root coming out. If you can gently dig it out and flip it over it should be okay. Otherwise re-germ and have the tap root that comes out of the shell first point upward when you plant in soil.
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    Thanks mate! Do i have to replant or can I just cover it with soil and itll fix itself?
  4. you can just cover it and it will be fine.
  5. Thanks mate, that's what I did!
  6. I actually placed the cube in a solo cup half filled with soil, put some potting soil around the outside, cut the fabric cover, a tiny bit of soil on top, hopefully it'll sprout!
  7. Covering that won't help, man. All that'll happen is that the tap root will keep growing up and your cotyledon leaves will wither and die. You need to flip it and keep it warm and moist and away from strong light.

    Thing'll be fighting an uphill battle for a week or two.

  8. please dont give wrong information like that. the root knows where down is and it will not grow in the wrong direction.
  9. Before I planted the pellet in solo cup It kinda split in half and the Seed begun to look like a "?" making me believe baumeister might be right!
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  11. I planted with the little white tail going down! though I transfered to solo cup carefully and gently covered, its burried so shallow im expecting to see something by tomorrow morning? or too soon?
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    I stand by my original recommendation then.

    Recovery will probably take a bit more time than that. The stem has to grow quite a distance to get back to facing the right direction.


    This is a drawing from the good old Connoiseur's Handbook of Marijuana by William Drake from 1971 that explains that it is better to plant tap root facing upwards.

    Keep your girl warm and wet and she'll sprout eventually, though I think she'll be shaky for the first week or two.

    Link for a better pic:
  13. Wasn't able to view the pictures :(

    original recommendation, being replant with the tap root down? whats the chance of me breaking it?
  14. Also, it's taking the shape of a ? and its starting to go down by it self, should i just let it be?
  15. At this point let it grow. It'll work out.

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