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Pearlite vs Soil

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by killaklown, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Wondering if there is any real difference between growing in Pearlite or Soil. Currently myn are in pearlite and at a moth and a half they are around 2-3 feet tall but they were set up wrong at the beginning, (shouldnt let the old man do anything)
    Anyway any responses will be appreciated
  2. a mix of both can be beneficial........Peace out.....Sid
  3. ...In my experience perlite is only a soil amendment. It's supposed to aerate the soil. 1/3 or less of any soil mix. And only use coarse grade. The fine mixes usually float to the top when you add water.
  4. Thanks for your help folks
    Im using 100% pearlite and it seems to work well so Ill try a lot with soil next time see what happens thanks for the replies
  5. i finally bought a BIG ASS BAG of pearlite and im gonna try to germinate some seeds even though its like almost halloween but FUCK IT ill try 100 , 75, 50, 25,and see wich ones grow better next to a 100%soil plant i think itl be a pretty good expirement.:smoke:

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