peanut skins

Discussion in 'General' started by zachy, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. anybody ever tried smoking peanut skins (skippy)? i read about it in the anarchists cookbook but it doesn't get me high anybody tried it
  2. who the fuck in their right mind.... wuld ever try that i doubt it does anything watsoever
  3. oh man hahha ++++ rep, i really hope this was a joke cause it made me laugh hard lol
  4. hey not everything i do makes its ok when yer outta bud
  5. but me and my friends smoked some skippys and my friend could not stop laughing for the next hour and we ended up almost lighting the couch and carpet on fire cuz we weren't thinking straight.. lol then we went outside and he was barefoot and didn't know.. lol.. yah anyways
  6. most of that book is crap or no longer applies in this case its just an old myth...nada in it that gets you 'high' you smoked that for no reason
  7. I tried it after seeing it on the internet too. I was little, and didn't go about doing it the right way. I tried to roll a joint with computer paper!

    So obviously, I didn't get high. But I'm not saying you couldn't, anything's possible. The smoke has a pleasant taste, as well.
  8. well i talked to a teacher at skool about it (lol hes cool) and said u can get a small high off of just about any kinda smoke so ya i dont know i what hapenned i dont really remember
  9. peanut skins contain very trace amounts of lsd(or lsa not sure which one).

    you would need a pound of shells cooked in a pot or soemthin to get fucked on them...
  10. ..... LMFAO :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

  11. if your that desprate to get some sort of high or buzz then back a bowl full of nutmeg... or salvia... ill stick to savita though (maybe ill throw in some indica:))
  12. ..ive tride it .;. just placebo effectrs no real buz

  13. lsd is MAN-MADE
  14. wtf....peanut skins? ooo man im either really high or this poster is like on acid...
  15. yep heard of the peanut skins and also the banna peels both are urban legends
  16. I've actually heard of this before but i've never heard if it really works or not. I'd stick to nutmeg :p
  17. tried nutmeg before .. lol didn't work either haven't tried the bananas yet
  18. Nutmeg actually works, but smoke fucking peanut skins?! That sounds like something an 11 year old would do because he thinks its gcool to "get high"
  19. I just tested the bannana peel idea the other day... IT DOESNT WORK. I did every possibility. I scraped the stuff off of the peel, and i dried the skin, as well as that... stuff. I smoked A BUNCH of it, and nothing happened... it did get very hot- (i made my own piece and welded it together with JB Weld, and the banana peel melted the weld and my piece broke.

    Don't waste your time with the banana skin.

    P.S. Zachy, did you say that skippies did nothing to you, then say that it f*ed you and your friend up?
  20. Does nutmeg work when smoked? I'd only heard of eating it (which is not fun)

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