Peanut shell's

Discussion in 'General' started by isparkmygreens, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Has anyone ever smoked the inside of peanut shell's, I heard it's a pretty cool high. I also heard of taking half a cup of Ginger-ale and a half cup of Robotussin gets you high too.
  2. ..ok I dont want to write a long response to this, hopefully someone else will elaborate on what I say.

    1. Don't smoke peanut shell innards, they do not get you high ( I bet you heard it from the Anarchists Cookbook).

    2. Careful when messing with cough syrup. They contain DXM (look it up on erowid) which can get you high, but can be potentially dangerous (especially when DXM isn't the only ingredient in the syrup).
  3. You know what you should do when you hear these things? Go to Google. Or Erowid. Read a little bit. The internet really is a magical place. :p
  4. haha, well I have actually seen somebody try this.

    I told her it would probably just taste terrible and not do a single thing, but she insisted, she was curious.

    I was absolutely right. According to her it tastes like your smoking saw dust. It does nothing.

    Afterwards, we smoked some cannabis and I rewarded her dumb but incredibly entertaining act.
  5. the Disney Land of Drug Information and Good Porn.
  6. Sure why not
  7. You gotta be kidding me....

    Peanut shells- or the skins rather....
  8. Psychoactive properties of nuts?

    I think not, lad

    Although I would really like to hear the phrase "Dude these are some dank peanuts" uttered by someone with a serious demeanor.

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