Peanut-Butter Fudge, Video Games, and Weed

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  1. It was a little less than a year ago when my buddy called me up and told me he was bored, so I picked up another of our friends named Anthony and went over to his house. At the time, I had an eighth of some pretty dank middies and some papers. A little while after we arrived and got settled in, we turned this eighth into 4 nice fat joints, and these 4 nice fat joints were soon devoured into ash, leaving us 4 greasy roaches which we packed tightly into a pretty big bowl and smoked.

    Now, let me say that I'd smoked a bowl of this shit the night before, and in no way did it come off as fire. It was decent, but I never knew it had such potential. We... were fucking stoned. For the first time since MY first time, I was fucking GONE. My two friends, Jordon and Anthony, were both occasional smokers, so I can only imagine the effects they were feeling.

    Anyhoo, lets get back to a narrative composition. We smoked in his garage (I bet it reeked so badly in the morning when his mom went to work xD), and the last clear thought I have of that night is lighting and toking on a joint. Afterwards, I remember bits of fits of laughter and just some crazy stoner shit. I remember how weird it felt walking through his living room to his kitchen. It was exactly like my first time, it's hard to explain, I'm sure you guys know what I mean. That feeling where it feels like... you're looking through someone else's eyes, but you have complete control over their body. That's the best way I can explain it, sorry if it boggles you. We stood in his kitchen for what felt like two hours just laughing and saying random shit and laughing at it. I then spotted this BIG plastic bowl filled with peanut-butter fudge. At this point, I almost splooged in my pants. I love peanut-butter fudge. I remember seizing it and taking it to his living room, where we played video games (Can't remember which ones... I don't think any of us was functioning properly enough to even play them, we mainly just fucked around). I inhaled three fourths of that bowl, and gave them the rest. I remember Jordon getting all pissy with me because his grandma made it and he loves it. Guess he was too stoned to remember it though, I didn't catch any shit the next day. xD

    The funniest thing I remember of that night was Anthony just moving his torso around in a circle and singing the most random songs... it was so fucking hilarious, one of those 'had to be there' moments, really. We even taped him doing it, but Jordon got nervous and deleted it because it was his mom's camera. ) :

    So, have any of you ever gotten stoned like it was your first time again?
  2. you sound young. but man i remember those days. everything was so easy and weed was like god. now im on a tolerance break cause i could barely catch a buzz of a g of dro.
  3. I just turned 18, we were 17 at the time.

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