Peanut Butter chocolate fudge adventure gone wrong

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  1. Tonight me and my brother decided it would be awesome to make peanut butter chocolate fudge.

    I was so excited while we were making this fudge, i knew it was going to taste awesome. But as i was mixing it and cooking it i kept smelling alcohol. At first i thought it was the vanilla and i ignored it. Then I smelled it again and when i tasted it it taste like straight up rubbing alcohol. I had no idea what was going on. Then it hit me.

    Earlier I had a bowl filled with iso rubbing alcohol i was using it to clean my bowl and my glass piece. I realized that my brother used the same bowl and didn't empty it to mix the ingredients in.

    We tred so hard to mask the nasty taste of rubbing alcohol. No matter how long we tryed to cook it or no matter how much we tried to add to it, it taste like shit. we had to dump it all out and my night was ruined
  2. ahh that fucking sucks.

    Wouldnt be bad to eat iso alchohol though?

    How much was in your fudge?? lol sounds really dangerous to me but still doesnt make for a good night :(

    Sorry man.
  3. Why did he clean the pipe in a bowl? :confused: I normally put mine in a ziplock bag and let it soak.
  4. sounds like he used his "spoon" to stir his chocolate and there was still iso in the bowl(smoking kind) and it got in there chocolate.

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