Peanut Butter Apreciation Thread....

Discussion in 'General' started by KushFarmer, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Thoughts? Feelings?

    im muchin on bread with butter, peanut butter and two types of jam... but damn penut butter.
  2. never heard of penut butter before.... or a thred
  3. Peanut butter is the shit. I just munched a PB&J not but 30 seconds ago.
  4. anyone ever had an uncrustable before?? soo fire
    put them in the freezer and the jelly turns fuckin cold as fuck and the peanut butter is hard as fuck its delicous.
  5. That sounds pretty damn good, and I'm not even stoned. I'mma have to stock up on some jelly and bread... have a shit load of PB.

    Oh yeah, can't forget the milk with it.
  6. chrunchy peanut butter is the shit
  7. All peatnut butter is the shit =D
  8. Well said good sir.
  9. peanut butter and nutella......god almighty that'll make you think your going to die but it tastes so damn good.

    oh and....
  10. firecrackers, anyone? i'm waiting for mine to cool down...

    peanut butter is the shit no matter how it's used, though. PB&J sandwiches all day.
  11. peanut butter and banana sandwiches

    < /thread >
  12. tortilla, chunky peanut butter and honey. fuck yeah!
  13. Chunky PBJ. The J being grape or honey. Its nice to throw in a banana too. Fuck, now I want that for lunch. DAMN.

    Anyone else love cheetos with their pbj?
  14. This thread has made me so damn hungry. I've gotta agree with xvipimp, cant have a good PB&J sandwich without a nice tall glass of milk.
  15. Boo peanutbutter sucks! Fluff rules!

  16. pfff get lost

    peanut butter rules u

    it rules all

    except for regular butter and ketchup

    they rule even more of all
  17. ya youll see...fluffs gonna make a comeback someday :smoking:
  18. peanut butter ftw.

    enough said.
    my vote for best thread ever.
  19. pb and english muffins...the pb just melts into the nooks mmmhhhhmmmmm........:smoking:

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