Peaky Blinders (Netflix)

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  1. Yeah I've watched the first two episodes and it seems like it could be okay. I like Cillian Murphy and I heard tom hardy is in the second season, which has the potential to be pretty fucking awesome.
  2. I just put it in my list, but haven't started it yet. They haven't really marketed this one well. Nobody knows this even exists, even though it has Cillian Murphy. Everyone knew about House of Cards and Orange is the New Black...but I literally found out about this by searching for stuff to watch on Netflix.

    A commercial or two might help FFS!
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    Its not the best show ever but its good. Anyone who was a fan of Deadwood or Gangs of New York would probably like it.
    I havent seen season 2 yet but if Tom hardy is in it it should be great, he would fit right in on a show like this.

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